Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tweezerman New Products

Hi all! Been pretty busy with exams. School is really working me! I was so excited to see a package from Tweezerman last week as I am a beauty ambassador so I get to try out some of their new products they release fun! So today I got two really cool bright colored products I use regularly.

The first thing I got was one of their new Neon Hot Filemates! How fun is the color! I use to think Tweezerman was just tweezers until I tried their eye lash curler and eye lash comb on my very first ambassador box. Still using both of those products to this day! You can never go wrong with a file and I really love the bright summer colors and will be excited to whip this is on class when I have to file my nails down for exams =(. I can no longer have long nails so its nubbins for me for one whole year at least. Tweezerman also has two other colors for their files: green/yellow and orange/pink

The second thing I got is what this company is know for...tweezers. I got the a mini slant tweezer from their new Fresh and Fruit collection

The mini's are really cute and you can see how tiny they are in my hand. Strawberries are my favorite fruit so I am so excited that I have this! This collection comes with two other kinds- an orange one and a pomegranate in pink. 

I just wanted to show you the amazing angle these tweezers have! They will get every little eyebrow hair you have with precision. Before I got into Tweezerman I use to get cheap drug store one's and they would hurt and make my skin bleed. I love Tweezerman bc I don't have to tug out the hair a bunch of times. It def doesn't hurt like it use to with other tweezers and I love the cute designs and size. My old ones were boring silver so how cute that they are all girly. Plus with a mini I can easily throw it in my purse and use it as I travel or when I am stuck in my classroom for 8 hours and trust me there are days like that!! 

As always I am a tweezerman fan and believe they are worth the price you pay! They have saved me time and sweat from plucking my eyebrows so I will continue to use them!!1

Price- $15 (tweezer) and $7 (files)
Where to find- any drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target or online at:

**Disclaimer- these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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