Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indie Polish Giveaway

I am so so excited to do my first Indie polish giveaway. Two winners will win 1 of these polishes I recently purchased. Good luck all. US only!

Ends Sunday at midnight!

Mahya Mineral Makeup

As I recently moved to Texas my face has been getting more oily. Thus, I needed some serious coverage for my little acne prone areas which are my forehead and nose. I've tried it all liquid foundation, pressed powder and found that my face would be extremely shiny by the end of the day. I got a sample of a mineral foundation a while ago and loved how light and natural it looked so I really wanted to try a bunch of mineral makeup products to see how they looked/lastest. I was so fortunate to find a local company called Mahya Cosmetics send me some of their products to try.

Mineralized foundation and concealer were the first products I tried out. From left to right we have Nude (concealer), Sun Kiss (Foundation), Pure Beige (Foundation) and Natural (concealer)  

Here are the swatches of the foundations: Sun Kiss, and pure beige.

Swatches of concealers- Natural and Nude. 

Application of foundations is so easy. Just dip/swirl your Kabuki brush into the powder, tap the excess powder off and apply! I was scared at first bc the foundation colors looked extremely light as compared to my arm skin tone but both blended in great. The difference between the two is sun kissed had more of a shimmer to it as compared to Pure Beige. 

The next thing I tried for the first time is mineralized blushes in French Kiss and and Warm glow

Here are the swatches of French Kiss and warm glow.

French kiss is a peachy shimmery color that looks so amazing on brown tone skin like my own. Warm glow lighter but much more shimmery than French kiss. It is perfect for that summer glow look your going for.   

Mineralized eyeshadow is something I have always wanted to try. I love eyeshadow! Fairy Tale, Lapis, For You, Sensual, Lilac, Rust, and Romance (Center)

Here are the swatches to the shadow in the above order. I didn't think they would be so pigmented but if you wet your brush a little before getting some shadow it will come out extremely pigmented. They also have a nice shimmer that looks nice in the sun. They surprisingly feel really light and don't crease on oily eyelids. 

The last thing I review is a Mineral lip gloss called Parfait. 

Mineral lip gloss? Wow I had never heard of that before. This color was so perfect for me it was very natural, it is light, and has a smooth texture. I would def use mineral lip gloss again!

Overall, I loved all the mineralized products I tried. Having only used a mineral foundation before I have learned of lots of other stuff. Mahya Cosmetics 100% pure crushed mineral based makeup so they more beneficial to the skin and are oil-free.They don't clog up your pores and aren't made with any oils with is beneficial to individuals suffering with acne. Also, this company does not test on animals. I love how mineralized makeup feels and doesn't clog up my pores ~ makes my skin more oily so I will def make the switch to use more mineralized products.

Mahya Cosmetics is offered throughout the Dallas area as well as online. To find out more about prices and products check them at:

** These products were provided to me for my 100% honest opinin.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Karine's Polishes Swatches

The other day I saw a B1G1 free sale for indie polishes so I just had to try some.

I love the european inspired names. Noir Desir, Oui Je le Veux, Romana a Paris and Ooh La la

I used three coats for each w/o a top coat to access the overall shininess of the polish. Interestingly enough, all of these polishes had the same iridescent glitter flakes with some varying color. 
Noir Desir was a black polish with blue iridescent glitter. The first coat was really sheer so I had to make sure to put alot on the next coat. You have to put atleast three coats to get full coverage. I do like the turquoise flakies with the black though. Makes the glitter really stand out.
 Oui Je le Veux is a very pale pink jelly polish with pearl white glitter flakes in it. I loved how shiny the polish looked w/o a topcoat and loved how the color looked with my skin tone. It could also be worn as a very natural color.

Romana a Paris is very similar to the previous one as it is a red jelly polish with pearl white flakies but the glitter doesn't pop out as much as it did in Oui Je le Veux.

The last polish I got was Ooh La la. It is a rich purple jelly polish with pearl white glitter flakes in it. I only put two coats here bc I was heading out to a BBQ right after but you can see how it could def use another coat.

Overall, I like the different colors but I think that using other glitters would make them more unique and make the diff colors and glitters stand out better.

Like Oui Je le Veux, Romana a Paris? Starting tonight I will give you a chance to enter to win one of the two polishes! Be sure to check back later tonight!

Favorite's Post

I can't believe that I have been blogging for almost 3 months now! Thought I would recap on some of my favorite beauty products!

Fav Facial Cleansing Wipes- Clean & Clear
I love how easily they remove makeup and don't irritate my eyes. Original review-

Fav Red Lipstick- Ruby Woo by Mac
 I am just getting into lipstick. I love the longeivity, and bright red color of this lipstick! Original Review

Favorite Nail Polish Remover-Zoya remove+
Hands down my fav is Zoya remover+. It takes polish off so easy. Even glitter polishes! Original Review-

Favorite Eyeliner- Urban Decay 24/6 Liner in Perversion
This eyeliner last long, and produces a dark, pigmented black color. Can't ask for anything else! Original Review- 

Favorite Summer Polish-Candeo's Jellybean
I have been dying to get this polish. It is so pretty I love just looking at pictures of it! I would recommend this polish to everyone! Love it! 
Original Review-

Favorite Mascara-Clinique's High Length Mascara

I am the biggest Mascara snob! I want a dark black color, lengthener and thick volume mascara. Clinique's HL Mascara def does it for me!
Original Review-

Well there you have it some of my favorite beauty products!

What are some of your favorite stuff? Anything you want to see reviewed??

I would love feedback!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pretty & Polished Swatches

Jumping up and down!!! Guess who finally owns some Pretty & Polished? I do! I do!

Finally got Party on my Yacht and Black Swan

 Party on my Yacht is a creamy white polish with green, purple, fuschia. and gold glitter in it! Love it!

 Check out my first holographic polish called Black swan. It is so shimmery/glittery just amazing! Holographic polishes look so pretty I can't wait to get more. 

What's next on my to buy list from Pretty & Polished? Jawbreaker!! I got to get my hands on one of these for sure!!!

Price: $8.50
Where to find: Etsy Store

I am determined to get Jawbreaker the next time they open! 

KB Shimmer Swatches

I am a new Indie polish lover and Etsy is my new bf. I love trying all the new shops. Today I have swatches of KB shimmer's Cheerleader and Party. 

Party is a white polish with thick chunks of glitter in blue and coral along with thin glitter in green, pink and so many other colors. Def reminds me of all the confetti you see spread around for parties. I don't know about you but I am a big fan of creamy white polishes. 

Here's a close up of the polishes! So perrrrrrtttty!

Cheerleader is a pink jelly polish with diff sizes of glitter in silver, blue and pink. I wish the jelly coating did overpower the glitter so they didn't stick out as much as I would have liked. 

Price: $8.50
Where to find: Etsy Shop

** You got to buy these as soon as they open bc they go fast. If interested let me know so I can make a post when they open next!

Friday, May 25, 2012

MAC Eyeshadow in Lucky Green

I was at the mall today and of course found some more makeup. Like I don't already have like 70 diff MAC eyeshadows! This is Lucky green. 

It is light green color with a gold shimmer to it. I swatched it on my arm to show you how it looks. It is very pretty and would look really well with a black or dark brown shadow blended in it. 

What kinds of things would you do with this eyeshadow? 

Price: $13.50
Where to find: MAC stores, Macy's Nordstrom

LCN Colour Me Up Summer Collection Swatches

LCN is the world's third leading manufacturer of cosmetic nail products and I have the priviledge of checking out LCN's new 2012 Colour Me Up Collection. The cubix box the polishes came in was the coolest packaging ever! You can't see it here but on the sides there's slits where the polishes fit to match the corresponding colored box. 

There are four colors in this collection: Some like it hot, Spice up your life, Fanppleistic, and Colour me up

Some like it hot is exactly what you think. Chili red. All of these polishes were put on with 2 coats and no top coat to determine the shininess of the polish itself. This polish is def a more summery light red color. But it is very pretty and shiny.

Spice up your life is an amazing orange color. I am not a orange fan at all but I love these deep carrot kind of color and how it looks with my skin tone. 

Fanppleistic is such a cool name huh! This looks like a candy apple color it is so bright and shiny and it looks BEAUTIful on brown skin. I am a sucker for this lime green color. I can't wait to do diff designs with it.

The last polish of this collection is Colour me up a plum color polish with light gold shimmers. I don't know why but it kinda reminds me of Zoya Tru.  Since this was the last polish I painted my nails with I apologize for the crappy way I did it. The gold shimmer will look amazing in the sun!

Want to check out this collection or other ones offered by LCN? Check them out!

Price: $29.50 or can purchase individually $7.50
Where to find: LCN, Twitter, FB

**This product was provided by LCN for my 100% honest opinion**

Floam Swatch

The amazing Jess at BeautyGnome was so kind enough to send me Floam. She knows how badly I wanted it and that I would sell my bf for it lol! I was soooo happy when I came home from work to this!

I painted my nails that night!
Floam is a neon blue and yellow glitter polish. This is with two coats. It is very gooey so just make sure to make each coat as uniform as possible

I love this polish so much I took diff views of my nails. Hee hee

Floam is my new favorite polish! It's really hard to find but if you like I will def let you guys know the next time I hear they are selling these!

Price $9
Where to find:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

California Mango Cuticle Oil

Since I am painting my nails at least 10x a day I have noticed my cuticles looking ugly and uglier. I went to my local Sally's Beauty Supply and an associate recommended this California Mango Cuticle Treatment Oil. 

OMG! OMG! This oil smells like mango it is so sweet, so yummy, its the best smelling cuticle oil I have used. The brush is amazing and doesn't put a lot of oil that its dripping off your fingers. You can wipe just a small dab. Containing a special blend of natural oils including Jojoba and Meadowfoaw, this cuticle has helped moisturize and keep my cuticles become so soft. They definitely are the healthiest looking my cuticles have been. And you only need a little dab each time so this will last a very long time and its really cheap. 

Do you use another brand of cuticle oil that works good? I would love to learn of other brands. 

Price: $3.69
Where to find: Sally's Beauty Supply

Maybelline 14 Hr Lipstick in Ravishing Rouge

I am the biggest lip gloss fan! But lately I have been getting into lipstick. Particularly red lipstick. Now we all know designer lip sticks are pretty expensive so I am on the hunt for cheap good quality lipstick. My first review is on Maybelline's 14 Hr Lipstick in Red or Ravishing Rogue. 

First off this lipstick has a yummy fruity smell to it! Seriously it smells good. It has a decent texture not too rough and def not really smooth. It is a medium red tone with a slight shimmer to it. I applied the lipstick and waited for about 5 mins to let it dry and then went out to dinner with the bf. First thing I noticed when I drank out of my straw, lipstick was on it. 

By the end of the meal, most if not all of my lipstick was off. It did not last 14HRS. It didn't even last 2 Hrs. Sad bc I love my Ruby Woo Mac lipstick that stays on for a long time but its expensive. I really want to find better, cheaper alternative lipsticks. 

Do you have any lipstick that last long and is affordable? Please help me on my search for good/cheap lipsticks by leaving a comment below. 

Price: ~7
Where to find: Any department Store

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The New Black Wave Polishes

I love reviewing and learning about new brands that I never heard of. The New Black is an amazing company that makes lots of polish based on different themes. Today I have the privilege of showing you one of these sets called, The Waves. As you can imagine waves= water and thus blue/green colors. 

First off I love the blue/green gradient provided here as you see we start off with a dark blue color and make our way to lighter colors. 

The first color is a rich ocean blue color. This was achieved with two coats. I love this color! It was def one of my favorites in the bunch. 

The next color we have is a shimmery blue/green color. Reminds me of algae in water. 

This color looks like a frosted green color with just a little hint of green shimmer. It is very bright but as you can see looks well with dark skin. 

This one looks very similar to the picture above except that it is a more blue based color while the other one is more green. It is also very shimmery. 

This is another favorite of mine and is a light blue mixed with green milky color. It looks fabulous with dark skin and has an amazing shine to it. 

Overall, I love the fact that these sets have themes (waves) and gradients (variations in wave colors) in them. Makes me think of Hawaii beach, Mexico's beaches, SF beaches it honeslty captures the essence of summer and the ocean. I can hear the waves crashing on the sand thinking of it! The only thing I wasn't too fond of was the brush as I had to redip to get more polish as just one stroke didn't work. But I loved they were really shiny and how quick the polish dried. Their durability was also amazing. Bc these are all blues that go well together the possibility of nail combinations is endless! Can't wait to diff designs with these!!

What's even better is the price!! Plus they offer so many other color choices I had trouble picking one!

Price: $22 (set)
Where to find: Sephora, HSN, Nordstrom

Want to learn more about The New Black?
Check them out!
You tube

** This product was provided to my by The New Black for my 100% honest opinion

Deborah Lippmann Swatches

Can you believe it my very first DL polishes!

Footloose, Almost Paradise, Let's hear it for the boy and dancing in the streets.

Footloose is a nice cherry red color. I achieved this look with 2 coats and no top coat. As usual I love to test the shiness of my polishes. And of course they are great!

Almost paradise is a nice light margarita green color. Perfect for the summer! I thought it would be opaque at first but two coats was good enough!

Let's hear it for the boy is a beautiful sky blue color. I should have sponged some clouds on my nails and I bet it would have looked amazing! This one is my favorite of the bunch!

Dancing in the street is a dark royal blue color with a light blue shimmer to it. It is really rich and shiny.

Overall, the quality of these polishes are amazing! They dry ridiculously fast and just look amazing! Can't wait to get my next Deborah Lippmann polishes!

Ps. Recognize 2 of the colors? That's right I got extra 2 lucky winners can enjoy either Footloose or Almost paradise. You have till Friday to enter. Good luck!


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