Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The New Black Wave Polishes

I love reviewing and learning about new brands that I never heard of. The New Black is an amazing company that makes lots of polish based on different themes. Today I have the privilege of showing you one of these sets called, The Waves. As you can imagine waves= water and thus blue/green colors. 

First off I love the blue/green gradient provided here as you see we start off with a dark blue color and make our way to lighter colors. 

The first color is a rich ocean blue color. This was achieved with two coats. I love this color! It was def one of my favorites in the bunch. 

The next color we have is a shimmery blue/green color. Reminds me of algae in water. 

This color looks like a frosted green color with just a little hint of green shimmer. It is very bright but as you can see looks well with dark skin. 

This one looks very similar to the picture above except that it is a more blue based color while the other one is more green. It is also very shimmery. 

This is another favorite of mine and is a light blue mixed with green milky color. It looks fabulous with dark skin and has an amazing shine to it. 

Overall, I love the fact that these sets have themes (waves) and gradients (variations in wave colors) in them. Makes me think of Hawaii beach, Mexico's beaches, SF beaches it honeslty captures the essence of summer and the ocean. I can hear the waves crashing on the sand thinking of it! The only thing I wasn't too fond of was the brush as I had to redip to get more polish as just one stroke didn't work. But I loved they were really shiny and how quick the polish dried. Their durability was also amazing. Bc these are all blues that go well together the possibility of nail combinations is endless! Can't wait to diff designs with these!!

What's even better is the price!! Plus they offer so many other color choices I had trouble picking one!

Price: $22 (set)
Where to find: Sephora, HSN, Nordstrom

Want to learn more about The New Black?
Check them out!
You tube

** This product was provided to my by The New Black for my 100% honest opinion

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