Monday, April 30, 2012

900 Followers Contest

900 Followers! OMG! I am so thankful for you all. I start working tomorrow so you won't see as many day posts from me but I am dying to do see what you would like seen for future reviews or even tutorials? Please let me know how I could best help you all! Thank you all for you continued love and support and most of all good luck!

Ps. This contest is US only! Sorry.


Urban Decay's

I finally tried the Urban Decay 24/7 liner. I am the biggest eye liner collector and I feel naked without it! 

I put it to the test to see how long it really lasts. I left it on my arm and I apologize that I didn't take an after test. But it was lighter but still on my arm the next day.

I love how dark it is, it doesn't smudge and best of all it lasts long. This might be my new favorite liner! I know it's a bit expensive but it gets the job done and since you don't have to put it on continually since it stays on it should last longer. Woo Hoo.

Price: $19
Where to find: Any sephora, ulta (don't forget to use the $3.50 off $10 coupon)

Acne Medication

I hate getting surprise visitors aka pimples. I always get them on my chin, on my nose and on my forehead. I don't have many but when I get one I GET one! lol! I can't stand waiting for the pimple to go away and also hate popping them bc they leave a scar on my face.  Lately I have been using this Acne medication. I happened to get the Target brand since they didn't have any other ones at the time. I just wash my face at night, dab a little before I go to bed then wash my face in the morning. This bad boy dries them pretty well. Of course you have to apply it for a couple of days but it seriously makes them look so much better! 

Price: Forgot (sorry)
Where to find: Target or you can get any other kind anyways

Friday, April 27, 2012

Zoya Swatches

Got some more Zoya's from the Earth Day Promotion. I apologize in advance bc two of my shots with the bottles got erased on accident so instead I just put a hand shot. 

Here are the colors: Jem, Astra, Kylie2, Mitzi, Yara, Jana and Phoebe

 Jem is a dark purple metallic polish with a pink shimmer to it. Love Zoya bc you only need two coats to achieve this look and it is shiny without a top coat.

Astra is a translucent polish with both dark and light pink glitter in it. This would look so cool over black polish. Sorry I just love black and pink together. Also two . were enough to cover the nails completely. And the photo doesn't do justice it is absolutely beautiful! Plus I am not a big glitter fan but I can def make an exception.

Kylie2 is a creamy pink/coralish color. Only two coats needed and it is so shiny on its own. This color would look good on any skin tone and is perfect for the summer. 

Mitzi is a green apple/yellow green matte color. I am not a big matte fan but I really loved the color. For this one I added 3 coats and finished off with a top coat. You def need a top coat to make it shiny. Love the color though it is so bright and so pretty.

Phoebe is another matte color. It is a light shimmery blue color. Requiring 3 coats a top coat makes this color look so pretty. Reminds me of a slushy color you get at 7-11.  

Yara is a shimmery olive color with hints of gold. Makes me think of St. Patrick's day looking for that pot of gold. It looks great on brown skin as well!

The last color I got was Jana. A beige/grey mix. I wasn't really fond of this color as it didn't do anything great for me. But only 1 out of 7 polishes is fine. 

Overall, I am super pleased with my purchase and loved a majority of the colors here. Woo Hoo!!

Price: $8
Where to find:, ulta

Eylure Naturalites Lashes

Last week I reviewed the Katy Perry Eye Lash collection from Eylure which are very bold and dramatic so this week I wanted to review products that are more natural looking. Today I am going to review 3 lashes from the Naturalite Collection and 1 from their Pre-glued collection. 

The first lashes is 020. These are good for the very natural look. 

These look so natural is amazing and are perfect if you need a little length.

I've seen lots of different lashes that vary by thickness so I was in awe when I seen #107. It is an angled lash that starts with short lashes on the inner eyelid and slowly gets longer while you move toward the outer lashes.

These remind of of cartoon character sexy eyes. They are so cool and I can't wait to do come crazy makeup and use these. My favorite of the bunch.

The final of the Naturalite collection I have is #146. This one has alternating long/short lashes. Another type I have not tried myself. 

These also look pretty natural to me which is surprising since its not uniform in length. But I love how long the bigger lashes are. I must say I am a big fan of false lashes bc I know I could never get my eyelashes look like this but they look so real!

Hate having to put the glue on your lashes? No problem! Eylure also has pre-glued lashes. All you need to do is carefully peel of the lashes from there little tray and apply them to your eyelid. What's great about the pre-glued lashes is that if you happen to apply it wrong you can peel it off and re-apply it. This is great bc you can't do that on the glued ones you do. I wonder what other kinds of the pre-lude lashes they have. I might get me some of these bc I am still trying to get a hold of the do it yourself glue ones. 

Don't they look so cool. They look nice and when I was done I peeled it off and put it back on the tray. So convenient. 

** Don't know how to apply false lashes? No problem, check out my tutorial

Price: $5.99
Where to find: Any Ulta or

Thursday, April 26, 2012

OPI Correct and Clean up

 Saw this at my local beauty supply store and thought how awesome and convenient this would be. 

Here is my testing ground. Purposely made my nails crappy. 

Theirs a little tip that you use to just wipe across your messed up part and it is suppose to remove it easy. In reality it wasn't that easy. I found myself rubbing hard on my skin to remove it. Seemed like the tip wasn't good at absorbing a lot of the polish and instead was quite dry which made it hard to remove.  My poor skin was the victim in this case. 

Knew it would be too good to be true. Oh well guess I will stick to cleaning my sides with Q-tips. But if someone created one that was great at absorbing remover and was gentle to the skin then let me know!

Price: 4.95
Where to find: check your local salon

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tweezerman Beauty Tools

Today I thought I would do a different review on a beauty related product for your eyebrows. As women, we are constantly having to pluck our eyebrows. When I was younger I had a uni-brow so I am constantly shaping my brows. I used to get cheap tweezers at the department stores but hated the constant tugging I had to just to remove one little eyebrow hair. It also doesn't help that I have really thick hair. Today I have the privilege of going over some of products for the popular company Tweezerman.

 The first thing I wanted to talk about is the different types of products Tweezerman offers.  The Point tweezer, is a thin little tweezer that is good for those tiny little hairs you can't get with your regular slant tweezer. It also is good for precision when you want to remove that one little hair from your eyebrows that is near a whole of other hairs. My favorite, the slant tweezers, helps you remove all of the little/long eyebrow hairs easily. Made of stainless steel this tweezers hurt less than other brands even when removing the most thickest hair! You can tell how good quality these tweezers are the first time you use it and you are surprised by how pain-free it is removing your hairs.

 Another really cool type of tweezers is the Pointed Slant tweezer. It combines the precision and slant expertise of the first two tweezers. Two products combined to help you shape your brows. 

 Now if you don't like the plain old silver tweezer, Tweezerman offers awesome designed tweezers. The first is the Satin Etched Zebra Slanted tweezer and the second one is a city design tweezer. Perfect for those who love unique things.

Traveling for a bit and don't want to take your full-size tweezers? No problem, Tweezerman has just created Pop of Op Mini Tweezers. I love color and why not have my tweezers look cute too! Mine is in  lavender and sky blue but there is also 2 others in pink w/dark blue and sky blue w/coral. I didn't include this in the picture but it comes in a little plastic tube to protect it when it is with for example in your luggage. 

 Just like your hair needs to be done your eyebrows do to. Don't you just hate it when you have that one eyebrow hair sticking out, longer than others or just a plain old mess? Well, Tweezerman offers the necessary essentials to fix that. You can trim your brows with their scissors and brush shaping tools (left side) you can define and shape your brows easily with these tools. What about mischievous little eyebrow strays that are sticking up/out? Just like you put gel in your hair, Tweezerman offers Brow Mousse to tame those little bad boys you just brush on a little bit of this gel and brush those bad boys down. Lastly something I will def be using, the folding ILashcomb. Have some clumps in your eyelashes, with this comb all you ned to do is comb this across your lashes to leave your lashes long, clump-free and fabulous! 

We've all done it accidentally take a little too much brows. I know I have little bald spots per say on my brows. Another awesome product is the eyenhance pencil and sharpener perfect for filling on those holes of all those brows your removed. Or you can also use this to shape your brows. 

By correctly using all of the above products you can achieve amazing eyebrows. Mine aren't amazing but they certainly aren't as bad as they use to be. You can def tell how great quality all of these products are. About year ago I bought my first tweezerman tweezer and I must admit I will never get any other brand these are the best by far!

Price $15-22
Where to find: Any department store (Target. CVS, Walgreens or Walmart) or

Creative Nail Design Solar Oil Nail/Cuticle Conditioner

I have not been treating my cuticle's the way they should be. So I was excited when I got the chance to review CND's (Creative Nail Design) SolarOil Nail and Cuticle conditioner. Consisting of Jojoba oil containing Vitamin E, this treatment will absorb into skin to make it more healthier and prevent the future signs of aging. 

I have been using it twice a day for the past week. Just adding a bit to my cuticle and all around my nails and letting it sit there for 5-10 minutes. If you put just the right amount their is no need to go wash your hands after. It leaves nails with a nice smell! My nails have felt more softer, my cuticles looking more healthier. I will continue to use this at least once daily and don't know why it took me so long to be kind to my cuticles! 

I also got the chance to try a Colour Polish in the Creme's collection. This one is called Oilslick.

 I know it looks black but it is a extremely dark navy blue color. You can see in the sun that it is navy. I love that you need one coat to get this dark effect and the fact that it is so shiny! I did't use a top coat here. Overall their polish is amazing! 

Price: $9 at my salon but varies
Where to find: Please visit to find what salons near you carry this brand.

Coastal Scents New Pressed Powder Foundation

Coastal Scents (My new favorite Makeup company) just launched their own Pressed Powder foundation. So of course I had to try it. I got number 3 as I am brown skinned. 

I blend it in my arm first hoping that it picked the right one. As you can see it is perfect for my color you can't even see it!

Left my camera in my car but here is what the foundation looks like. Sorry for the ugly pimple on my chin =(. It looks so natural, it feels so light and best of all I have sensitive skin so my face didn't break out! I love that I don't look as shiny as I sometimes can when using liquid foundations. Love it! Coastal Scents another hit for me! And you can't beat the price.

Price: $4.95
Where to find:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

200 Blog Follower Giveaway

So excited to finally reach 200 followers! 2 lucky winners will win 3 of each of these colors from the Sinful colors Fluorescent collection. 

Good luck all and I hope you enjoy reading all of my blog posts and tutorials!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sinful Colors Fluorescent Lights Collection

Summer is coming and that means Neon is in! Sinful Colors has released a Fluorescent Lights Line. 

In this collection is: Pink, Fusion Neon, Summer Peach, Neon Melon, Irish Green and Dream on

The first color is pink. This is with 3 coats of polish plus a top coat. Love how bright this color is. 

The next color is Fusion Neon a creamy light pink. Kind of reminds me of a light strawberry color. It is so pretty.

The third color is Fusion Peach. Doesn't it look like I just grabbed my orange highlighter and colored it on my nails? I hate orange but I def don't hate this orange!

The fourth color is Neon Melon. Another highlighter color. Love that it looks good on even brown skin. It also is so bright you wouldn't miss me from across the street lol. 

The fifth color is Irish Green. Kind of reminds me of a green candy apple. I am looking for the carmel and nuts lol! Again, this color even looks well on brown skin tone.

The final color I got was Dream on. Honestly my camera doesn't do justice for this color it is more darker than this. It's not really neon either so I don't know why it went with this collection but it did. 

Overall, I am so excited summer is near and can't wait to sport this neon colors with all my outfits!

Price: $1.99
Where to find: any department store Walgreens, Target etc. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

800 Like Giveaway

I can't believe I hit 800 likes already. I have put so much work into this blog from reviewing products, taking pictures and putting together each post. I hope that you learn something from me and am truly appreciative of all your support. And as I build my blog followers/pages it will only grow more and more which means more product reviews. You ladies rock! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Medusa's Makeup

Personally, I love bright makeup and was so excited to review an eyeshadow from Medusa's Makeup. They have really amazingly pigmented, dramatic cosmetics that are perfect for the spring. 

I wanted to show you how cutely packaged my products came in. (Also got a mascara and free lip gloss sample) 

The eyshadow I got was Electric Purple.

It looks like a light purple/plum, shimmery eyeshadow

On the left is a wet swatch and the right is a dry swatch w/out a primer.

Don't you just love the shimmery effect of this shadow? It looks so cool! I love that the eyeshadow doesn't fall to my lower lid when applying, it is creamy and comes out very pigmented and last all day long when used with a primer. Overall, this eyeshadow is so pretty and they have so many other bright shadows, glitters dusts, and eye dust. If you want bright, colorful makeup. Medusa's makeup is your place!

I got this mascara upon checkout for just $2.00

I didn't notice until I started applying but it is a green mascara called Envy. I was so scared to put it on since I don't ever wear color mascara but it only looks bright in the sun and looks black in room light. Look at the amazing length it gave me. 

It also gave me great volume and no clumps in my lashes. 

I got this free sample lip gloss.

I am not really into the color but the consistency is good. 

Overall, I love the high pigmentation and longevity of the eyeshadows and can't wait to do diff designs on my eyes with other eyshadow colors! 

Price: $8.00 (eyeshadow), $7.00 (mascara), $8.00 (lip gloss)
Where to find:

Disclosure: This product was provided by Medusa's Makeup for review however I strive to give my 100% honest opinion.


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