Monday, April 30, 2012

Acne Medication

I hate getting surprise visitors aka pimples. I always get them on my chin, on my nose and on my forehead. I don't have many but when I get one I GET one! lol! I can't stand waiting for the pimple to go away and also hate popping them bc they leave a scar on my face.  Lately I have been using this Acne medication. I happened to get the Target brand since they didn't have any other ones at the time. I just wash my face at night, dab a little before I go to bed then wash my face in the morning. This bad boy dries them pretty well. Of course you have to apply it for a couple of days but it seriously makes them look so much better! 

Price: Forgot (sorry)
Where to find: Target or you can get any other kind anyways

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