Monday, April 23, 2012

Coastal Scents Eye Products

As you know I am always raving about Coastal Scents eyeshadow palettes. But this time I decided to switch things up and review some different type of products.

The first product is Coastal Scents Primer in Matte. Now I have tried lots of other primers but they tend to be expensive. I was on a mission to find a good primer for a good price.

This primer is a light beige color. 

It comes out creamy then turns opaque as it dries. 

I put on a shimmery brown eyeshadow and it went on easy. As I have oily skin I loved that it did not smear everywhere and my eyeshadow was able to stay pigmented all throughout the day but by bed time it did come off a bit.

The second thing I got was the Reach Mascara and I must say it is true to its name. The corkscrew applicator makes it easy to reach every eyelash without sacrificing the others. I didn't get any clumps in my lashes and the length was what I look for in my mascara's. 

You guys know I am a die hard eye liner fan so I had to see if there eyeliner passes my test. They only have duo Shadow pens and while I am not a white eyeliner fan I couldn't beat the price. This one is called the Mystery Wand. And it has a black liner with a hint of silver shimmer and a white liner.

I always like to draw the liner on my arm first as I know just from that if its a good liner. I look for far a dark pigment, comes off easy pretty much what you see on my hand. This right here ladies is a liner to add to my favorite's. 

At last, here is my makeup using the Coastal Scents primer, mascara and eyeliner. Coastal Scents never ceases to amaze me and I love how good of work their product does without sacrificing the price. Affordable cosmetics at amazing deals! That's all I have to say. I am so glad I heard of this company and will def use it in the future!

Price: $9.95 (primer), $4.95 (mascara), $2.95 (liner)
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