Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tweezerman Beauty Tools

Today I thought I would do a different review on a beauty related product for your eyebrows. As women, we are constantly having to pluck our eyebrows. When I was younger I had a uni-brow so I am constantly shaping my brows. I used to get cheap tweezers at the department stores but hated the constant tugging I had to just to remove one little eyebrow hair. It also doesn't help that I have really thick hair. Today I have the privilege of going over some of products for the popular company Tweezerman.

 The first thing I wanted to talk about is the different types of products Tweezerman offers.  The Point tweezer, is a thin little tweezer that is good for those tiny little hairs you can't get with your regular slant tweezer. It also is good for precision when you want to remove that one little hair from your eyebrows that is near a whole of other hairs. My favorite, the slant tweezers, helps you remove all of the little/long eyebrow hairs easily. Made of stainless steel this tweezers hurt less than other brands even when removing the most thickest hair! You can tell how good quality these tweezers are the first time you use it and you are surprised by how pain-free it is removing your hairs.

 Another really cool type of tweezers is the Pointed Slant tweezer. It combines the precision and slant expertise of the first two tweezers. Two products combined to help you shape your brows. 

 Now if you don't like the plain old silver tweezer, Tweezerman offers awesome designed tweezers. The first is the Satin Etched Zebra Slanted tweezer and the second one is a city design tweezer. Perfect for those who love unique things.

Traveling for a bit and don't want to take your full-size tweezers? No problem, Tweezerman has just created Pop of Op Mini Tweezers. I love color and why not have my tweezers look cute too! Mine is in  lavender and sky blue but there is also 2 others in pink w/dark blue and sky blue w/coral. I didn't include this in the picture but it comes in a little plastic tube to protect it when it is with for example in your luggage. 

 Just like your hair needs to be done your eyebrows do to. Don't you just hate it when you have that one eyebrow hair sticking out, longer than others or just a plain old mess? Well, Tweezerman offers the necessary essentials to fix that. You can trim your brows with their scissors and brush shaping tools (left side) you can define and shape your brows easily with these tools. What about mischievous little eyebrow strays that are sticking up/out? Just like you put gel in your hair, Tweezerman offers Brow Mousse to tame those little bad boys you just brush on a little bit of this gel and brush those bad boys down. Lastly something I will def be using, the folding ILashcomb. Have some clumps in your eyelashes, with this comb all you ned to do is comb this across your lashes to leave your lashes long, clump-free and fabulous! 

We've all done it accidentally take a little too much brows. I know I have little bald spots per say on my brows. Another awesome product is the eyenhance pencil and sharpener perfect for filling on those holes of all those brows your removed. Or you can also use this to shape your brows. 

By correctly using all of the above products you can achieve amazing eyebrows. Mine aren't amazing but they certainly aren't as bad as they use to be. You can def tell how great quality all of these products are. About year ago I bought my first tweezerman tweezer and I must admit I will never get any other brand these are the best by far!

Price $15-22
Where to find: Any department store (Target. CVS, Walgreens or Walmart) or


  1. Their tweezers are SO amazing! <3 Your eyebrows are great! :)

  2. They are the best! Seriously! and thanks it took many years and plenty of mistakes like making them too thin lol!



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