Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 2012 Birchbox

It's Birchbox time! This month Birchbox put together some of their favorite fall beauty products for us!

Here's a little the box looked when I first opened it.

The products that were included in this month were:
  • The Brush Guard- Brush Guard Variety Kit. Plastic protectors to put over your makeup bristles for when you are on the go. I thought it was very unique and can't wait to try it out the next time I take my brushes to go. I def hate when my brushes are all bent a weird way from getting crushed in my bag
  • Color Club Birchbox Custom Polish Put a Pin in it  This pink metallic polish has silver glitter in it. I don't know that it will look great on me and it might look better on lighter skin but we'll see!
  • Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel. Nice and light. Doesn't irritate my face and helps control my acne.
  • De Jart+  Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+. A little goes a long way with this. I made the mistake of putting a dime size on my forehead which made it super dark. You def only need a little bit. It doesn't make your face greasy and keeps your look all day long.
  • La Fresh Instant Body Soother . These wipes have a minty smell to them but they def a cool tingy warm sensation. I used it right before I went to bed and it seriously made me relax. Really cool!
  • Twistband Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie. It's a cute design but I have thick hair and it doesn't hold that well.

Overall, I was happy with what I got this month. Def a lot better than last month. But as always I want more makeup stuff! But I did like the stuff included way better than I did with last month! Can't wait to see what I get next month.  

Interested in Birchbox?
*It’s a monthly beauty subscription where you
get 4-5 deluxe sized samples of high end products.
Want to join? Sign up {here} for $10 a month with
free shipping & other awesome benefits

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 2012 Myglam Bag

It's beauty subscription time! Yay! I don't really know what the theme this month was but I think maybe it has to do with the transition of the name.

The bag we got this month is very cute little clutch. It's black and simple and I like the material its made of. I could def use this bag when I go out as I couldn't with others.

 Ready to see what I got this month?

Drum roll please...

  • London Soho NY-Smudge Brush. It's a great brush to use for your all over the lid look. I def want to try some smokey eyes with it. But little bristles didn't come off when I used it so that's always a good sign. Also loved  how the back of the label included little beauty tips to use the brush with.
  • Carol's Daughter Manoi Repairing Split End Sealer This is the only product that I didn't get to use yet but def will be trying it. I can't wait to see if it works!
  • Jane- Sparkle Gloss. The color scared me at first but it added just a hint of pink that it looked good on even my tan skin. I am not a fan of sparkly glitter but it is so light on the gloss you can't even tell. I usually like my gloss a little bit thicker so it doesn't come off easy but not bad.
  • Mirabella Eye Colour Semiformal. The color is cute but the shadow came off practically all the way by the time I got home from work even though I used a primer. Sad face!
  • Circus by Andrea's Choice Tight Rope. I am not a fan of this polish and seriously the third time in a row to get this. Ugh! It's streaky and has no shine. Going straight to my will never use box
  • Overall, I would rate this months bag as a 7 out of 10. We got better products then I got last month so that's good. Hopefully we don't get anymore of that nail polish. Till next month! Did you enjoy your myglam bag? Why or why not?

  • MyGlam is a monthly sample program that delivers 4-5 beauty products in a design makeup bag that changes each month. Some items sent are samples while others are full-size.  You can subscribe to by visiting but as of right now they are sold out. Just keep checking, I waited for about a month and half but finally got in! 

    Monday, September 24, 2012

    Cenoire Novo Atomizer Facial Mist Spray

    Growing up in California all my life, I definitely am struggling with this hot Texas heat!  The biggest thing I hate about the heat is what it does to my makeup. I don’t know about you guys but I sweat really easy so of course, my makeup is literally dripping off my face as soon as I put it on leaving me feeling sticky and nasty. Even mineral foundation comes out nasty but I guess when your walking around in 100+ weather that’s what happens. Since I don’t like walking around looking blotched from my makeup coming off more in some areas, I recently have tried to stay away from foundation for a little while but still hate that sticky feeling I get on my face. I wanted to find a product that would help refreshen my face from this nasty sweat! I first tried makeup remover wipes but it was too bulky and I didn’t want to waste wipes as they can be a bit expensive. Then I got an email with the opportunity to try the Novo Atomizer Facial Mist Spray by Cenoire. I was quick to say yes and couldn’t wait to try it!

    I have been using the Facial Mist Spray for about two weeks now. This product is small, easily fits in your makeup bad and offers a light spray that made my face feel cleaner. Easy to use, it has an on/off activation button, and the ability to leave it on for eight minutes of continuous use. I def take it with me to work since I have to walk a billion miles to my office from the parking and it comes in handing when I am sitting in the heat at the dog park on weekends! Now I feel refreshed and not sticky thanks to the Facial Mist Spray.

    Price- $39.00
    Where to find: or

    Monday, September 17, 2012

    Bioken Enfanti Dandruff Products

    Although I am a beauty blogger I have far from perfect hair and skin. And today I share my most biggest beauty problem...dandruff. There I said it! The other day in class I some girl talking about some one they were sitting behind on the bus and how nasty there hair was bc it was had dandruff. I was sad to hear it bc I too suffer from dandruff and its not like I don't try billions of remedies to get ride of it: drug store shampoos, lemon, and vinegar. I have tried it all! I got the opporunity to tried some Natural Remedies from Bioken Enfanti specifically for dandruff which I was def excited to try!

    The two products I got to try was the Scalp Pore Cleanser and the Dandruff toner. Cleanser and toner? I know sounds like facial products, a little unsure I def wanted to atleast give it a try.

    The pore cleanser is a emulsion that provides your scalp with the exfoliation necessary to remove oils and dirts. It helps by purifying and stimulating the scakp with natural ingredients such as ginses, horseradish, and saponaria extracts to help detoxify hair and scalp to relieve dry itchy skin. I applied this product before showering by applying it to my scalp in messaging it into my hair and letting it sit in for a few minutes before washing it out.

    The second product I tried was the Dandruff Toner. Containing tea tree and neem oils this product controls dandruff and offers soothing to your dry, itchy scalp. It also helps control the reoccurance of flaking. Containing antimicrobials, the toner will help prevent excessitive flaking while helping improve the epidermal health of your scalp.

    I have been trying this product for a month and half to get a good idea of the effects of these products on my scalp. I def have seen a BIG difference in my dandruff. Before I would literally have big pieces of skin from my scalp come off (sorry to be so graphic) and now it is just tiny little pieces. My scalp is also not as itchy as it use to be. HUGE difference! I wish I knew which product helped me the best as they are a little bit on the pricey side. I want to say the toner. But I am not sure. But because of their results I prob will just get them both again! Def would recommend this to people who suffer for dandruff that shampoos like Head and Shoulders don't work for. I was a little hesitant on these products but I am def a beliver now! IT works!

    Pore Cleanser-$21
    Dandruff Toner-$36.00

    Where to find/More Information:

    *Disclaimer- These products were provided to me by the PR company for my 100% honest opinion!*

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    Nia 24 Rapid Depigmentation Serum

    As a Bloom Ambassador I have been given amazing opportunity to review some of today's most popular beauty products! 3 Months ago I was asked to try Nia24 Rapid Depigmentation Serum to reduce hyperpigmentation and spots/discoloration.

    Here is a recap photo of my ambassador box including the Nia product.

    For 12 whole weeks, I applied the Nia24 serum to a cleansed face before I applied my moisturizer. It is not greasy and def did not cause any irritation to my face.

                            Here is my before picture                                    Here is my after picture taken today

    Overall, I really didn't have too many spots or pigmentation issues so I didn't notice a dramatic difference in my face. But I did have little scars from old pimples that I previously popped (I know bad) and I def saw a decrease in the pigmentation of those scars (Note the one on my the right side of my nose at the cheekbone). All in all since I didn't have too many pigmentation issues and didn't see too many changes I probably won't be purchasing this product. But I did some others with good results I just don't think it did much for me. Again, this is my personal opinion.

    Price: $75.00
    Want to check this product out:

    Disclaimer-This product was provided to me from for my 100% honest opinion.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    Unite 7 Second Condition

    I have thick and lots and lots of hair! And because of that my hair gets tangled easy and often! I hate brushing my hair out sometimes bc sometimes I get big knots in my hair (usually a sign for me I need to trim my damaged hair) Anyways I got this product from Unite sent to me and I just had to take the test.

    Known as the "7 second conditioner" this product untangles your hair while nourishing the cuticles to protect hair. Use this on towel dried hair and spray 4-6 times throughout your hair.

    The results are in! This product works wonders! I am not going to say it completely took out my tangles but it was pretty dang close to it! The smell of it is also amazing even my bf commented on how well my hair smelled. I will admit some days I run out the door and spray my hair to let it sit while I drive to work and my hair brushes so easily and tangle free on the way! This is seriously an amazing detangler for those out there who get tangles like me. No more yanking on my hair for me! This is a product I def will buy again!

    Price- $26.95
    Where to find: and sometimes it's goes on sale at

    *Disclaimer* This product was sent by the PR group for my 100% honest opinion

    Monday, September 10, 2012

    It's Been to Long Giveaway

    I have been so busy with work and school I have forgotten to show the love to my followers! Well that changes today! I am doing a giveaway that ends Sunday at midnight! Normally I tell you what you win but this time I thought it would be fun to just tell you the prize is a surprise! One winner will receive a Model's Own Polish as well as another surprise Polish!

    This is open internationally! Good luck all!

    Stupid Rafflecopter is not announcing the winner...but I have it right here congrats to Stephanie Kiggins you have 48 hours to email shipping info to! Thanks all for entering!


    Favorite Summer Perfumes

    Another favorite obsession of mine is perfume! So when I got the opporunity to review two summer fragrances I jumped on the bandwagon quickly! I love collection amazing one's that are not too fruity or ones that smell like alcohol. Just right is pretty much what I like. I got two perfume's here today to tell you about.

    The first is the summer edition of Beyonce's Pulse perfume. Another thing I love about perfume's is the bottles they come in. I love how differently each are on color and shape of the bottle. Pulse has a light refreshing flower smell made from her favorite flower the Orchid, It also has fresh pear blossum and jasmine interfused in it. I think is the perfect blends to give an amazing light refreshing smell.

    The second perfume I got to try out was Lisa Hoffman's Tunisian Neroli. Combining a bunch of rich floral scents such as Golden amber, neroli blossoms with lemon and Bunchu Leaf this perfume creates a nice floral scent. This perfume is also light and not overwhelming like other perfume's I smell before and lasts all day long.

    Overall, both of these fragrances smell amazing and bring out two different flowers scent to it. They are not too fruity or don't smell like alcohol. They bring the light fresh scent to your skin that lasts all day long. They both are def going to my favorite perfume collections!

    Where to find:
    Beyonce Pulse
    - Ulta, Anywhere that sells Fragrance.

    Lisa Hoffman

    What's your favorite perfume? I would love to find more kinds to try!
    *Disclaimer* These perfumes were sent by the companies PR grp for my 100% honest opinion.

    Thursday, September 6, 2012

    Covergirl + Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation

    I never use to use foundation before I started blogging. I don't have acne besides my occasional pre-menstrual ones but since I moved to Texas I have noticed a dramatic increase in the production of oil in my face. And since I don't want to walk around with a ridicudlously shiny face I have been excited to try out a bunch of different types and kinds of face products. Recently, I got the chance to review a foundation product made by Covergirl and Olay. 

    The Tone Rehab, is a 2 in one foundation base that will hydrate your skin while covering up your inmpurities and wrinkles. To get your desired look simply apply the foundation base followed by any pressed powder to get a days coverage.

    There are 14 different shades in this collection and the two I got review were Nude Beige and Creamy beige.

    They have a nice light consistency, and it had a nice light scent to them which I don't think I have ever smelled before in a foundation. It was nice!

    Unfortunately these colors were way to light for me so I couldn't use them for everyday use as my face looked really light compared to my body. I did try it on a weekend found that it did not increase oil production, didn't break out and it had pretty good coverage. It is very light on your face and doesn't give you that cakey feeling of having heaving foundation on. I would def use them again but this time would get a little bit of a darker color for myself.

    Want to learn more about The Tone Rehab Collection or any other makeup product from Covergirl? Click here to check out their website

    Where to find: Now available at any drug store (Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgeens)
    **Disclaimer- This product was provided me by the PR of Covergirl for my 100% honest opinion

    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    L'Oreal Telescopic Lashes

    After a long week and a half of being sick I am finally starting to feel better. =) I came down with a virus that messed me up soooo bad. But I am back now and not completely better but getting there. Any who are you looking for a mascara to add amazing length to your lashes? Well then you should def try out L'oreal's Telecopic Mascara. I got this mascara in dark black and its bristles are nice and seperated to help reach even those hard to reach areas of your lashes. It gives you super long length as well as a little bit of volume. The brush also helps you not get clumps. Check out the pictures I took below after putting two layers of mascara on. I DID not curl my lashes with anything I simply applied the mascara and bent my lashes away from my eyelid as I was doing that. They came out ridicoloudly long as you can see in the photo where I open my eye and the one where I closed my eyes. I was surprised by the lenthening ability of this mascara and def would recommend it to anyone out their looking to get their lashes a little bit longer! And I am so happy I found another cheap affordable drug store mascara that can give my lashes that flirty length I want without paying an arm and a leg literally.

    Do you know of any other drug store brand mascara that give good results? I would love to find more kinds to review!!
    Price: Varies
    Where to find: Any drug store (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, or Target)


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