Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zoya 2013 Stunning Collection

It's officially summer time in the Nail Polish World! Yay!  Looking forward to all the summer lines coming out from all my favorite brands! I recently got the Stunning Collection to review from one of my favorite brands, Zoya!!

Ready to see all the beautiful colors in this collection??

The first three colors I wanted to show you are Darcy, Thandie, and Micky

Darcy is def a summer color. It reminds me of lemons, or the banana in the Runts candy. It is super bright! But to my surprise it actually looks good on my skin tone. 

Thandie is a light coral color! Very nice natural color I could probably pull off at work without any problems! 

Micky is a bright pink color! Perfect to wear on a night out with a black shirt so your nails stand out! 

The last three colors in this collection are: Yana, Rocky, and Josie 

Yana is a darker fushia pink color. 

Rocky reminds me of a blue raspberry slurpee color. It will make your nails stand out pretty well and it looks good on brown skin tone!

I was so surprised with Josie. I was thinking it wasn't going to look good but it is gorgeous!! Love it!! It is like a mojito kind of color! Another color that will pop out if you wear black or something with a hint of green in it! 

Overall, the colors in this collection are bright and will stand out this summer! Love them!! Which one is your favorite color?

Price $8 ea or $48 for entire collection 

**disclaimer-These products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

Monday, April 29, 2013

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream

When I did a review on the Maybelline BB cream I got a few comments that it wasn't enough coverage for them so I was on the hunt for a BB cream with great coverage! As I am a member of Bzzzagent a online marketing company where you do surveys and depending on if you match a companies criteria you can review their products for free. I got chosen for the Garnier BB cream campaign. 

The Garnier BB cream aims to even tone hydrate, renew, protects and brightens and I got mine in medium/deep.

Wanted to swatch it on my hand first and as you can see it looks like it will give good coverage.

I then blended it into my skin and as you can see it def brightens my skin, evens tone left a little part of my hand on the left without the BB cream. It is also lightweight and doesn't make my face feel heavy at all. No breakouts!

Overall, I was loving my new BB cream I was even considering using it as my primary one.


I noticed the bottle leaks and it did all over one of my ipsy bags. I was so sad lol bc it stained it. So now I can't carry it in my bag bc even though I cleaned it off it keeps doing this. Not sure if I have a defected one or the hole in the bottle is just too big and the BB cream can just ooze out. Now if it didn't leak I def would be using it but it isn't.

So I guess its off to find another good BB cream.

What good BB creams have you tried

Price ~$10 at any of your drugs stores: Target, Walgreens, CVS, Kmart and more

**disclaimer-this product was provided to me by bzzagent for my honest opinion**

Ps. If anyone is interested in signing up for bzzzagent not just makeup reviews but also food send me an email at YouHadMeAtMakeup@gmail.com and I can send you an invite

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

China Glaze Holographic Collection

It's here at last! Swatches for 6 of the 12 new Holographic collection from China Glaze! I love to get the opportunity to review products for China Glaze and was sooooo excited to get these!

The first three polishes I got were pinks and purples: Not in this galaxy, When stars collide, and Astro-hot
Not in this galaxy is a peachy-pink color with a silver holographic to it. It is a very pretty and unique pink in my opinion

When stars collide is a plum purple holographic

Astro hot is a soft baby pink with a hint of silver holographic. If I had to choose between the two pinks I probably would choose Not in this galaxy because of its unique color

The blue-green polishes I got were: Omg a ufo, Don't be a luna-tic and Strap on your moonboots

Omg a UFO is a really pretty forest green holographic. I really like  how it looks on my skin tone

Don't be a lunatic is a silver-blue color. Kind of reminds me of like snowflakes would look like (even though I have never seen snowflakes lol)

Strap on my moonboots is a gorgous navy blue color that kind of has dark purple hint to it. Really pretty!!

Overall, my favorite of the group were Not in this galaxy, OMG a UFO, and Strap on my moonboots. I wish the holographic popped out a little more but other than that I liked the polishes. I also seen they have other amazing colors I didn't get but def will be hunting down!!
Price: $14.00
Where to find- Any beauty supply stores

**disclaimer-This product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Ipsy Bag

This month I was one of the lucky ones who didn't get the originally intended theme bag. Pretty in Pink was this month's theme and as my favorite color is pink I was soooooo excited to get a pink bag. The bag was either beige or white with a pink strip on the top.

Well when I opened my envelope I saw
this one instead..

I can't remember what month this bag was but it was one. According to the note some bags didn't meet Ipsy's standards so they will send it to us with next months bag. No problem but when I opened this bag to see what I got it smelled really nasty like chemical. Not sure why these passed their standards?? Probably will toss this one out bc I just checked today 3-4 days after I got the bag and it still stinks.


So ready to see what I got in my bag? Okay!!


Inside my bag this month..
1.  Be a Bomshell Cosmetics Beach Please Blush-First off big fan of the name lol! It is a very pigmented pink color so you only need a little trust me =)
2.Mica Beauty Cosmetics Earth Shimmer Powder I am not a big fan of shimmer but it goes on smooth and is fairly pigmented as well
3. Sation Nail Polish in Of Corsethh I'll Call you-This polish is a baby soft pink. It actually might look good on my skin tone but I haven't got the chance to swatch it yet
 4. Healthy Sexy Hair Nourishing Styling Treatment-I could always use something to help with my frizz. Can't wait to try it.

Swatch of the blush (left) and shimmer powder (right)

Overall, I am happy they will still send everyone who didn't get the correct bag one next month. Was not happy with the smell of that floral bag. Would of loved to give it to a friend but it just stinks. Oh well! I liked the blush and nail polish, can't wait to try the hair product and probably won't use the shimmer powder. Overall I am satisfied with this months bag.

Did you enjoy your bag this month?

MyGlam is a monthly sample program that delivers 4-5 beauty products in a design makeup bag that changes each month. Some items sent are samples while others are full-of right now they are sold out. Just keep checking, I waited for about a month and half before I got in.  You can subscribe to them by visiting myglam.com 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Coastal Scents Blushed Too Palette

I love blush! So I was on the hunt for a cheap but nice palette where I could have a variety of blushes to achieve a bunch of looks. A year ago when I first started blogging I found Coastal Scents a Florida based company that sells extremely affordable cosmetics. They recently just came out with the Blush Too palette tht I just had to try.

This palette is a 10 pan one with a bunch of different types of colors in it sure enough to fit everyone's skin color. I hate that my camera made them all look lighter but you will see on my swatches their true color. In this palette some blushes are matte while others are pearl so and each pressed powder comes off smoothly.

On this side there are light pink and purple blushes. I bet your jaw dropped when I said purple huh?
On the other side are more coral and a neutral one.

Ready to see the swatches?

I apologize because I did the swatches for the top row and the bottom instead of breaking them into sections like I did for the other pictures.
While the colors in the palette don't have a name I will just describe the color and type of blush it is.
1- Rosy light matte color. Might not look great on my skintone but I bet it would look amazing on a lighter one.
2. Matte dusty rose color-its a mixture between brown and pink. This would be a perfect natural color for lighter skin tones
3. Pearl shimmery light pink.
4- Darker shimmery dusty pink
5- Orange shimmery color. You would be surprised that it can give you a really nice look but a little goes a long way!

6- Matte Lavender purple. I know what your saying lavender? I was like maybe they accidently put a eyeshadow on here but this colors looks amazing on my skin tone. My favorite color in the palette and I am so surprised by that.
7- Matte rosey purple. Another color to give you a nice natural color to your cheeks
8- Darker pink-maroon matte color. Apply a little amount at first then add on to get your desired look.
9- Matte Brown color. Great to give you that bronze look for the summer
10- Light shimmery pink-brown color. Good for natural and bronze color for the summer.

Overall, the pigments in this palette are amazing! A little goes a long way for sure! Trust me! You don't need much to get the look you want! I love the variety of colors and uniqueness as I honestly would have never thought a purple color would make a good blush! Def got me to think outside the box and opens my eyes to try colors I normally would not! And best of all the price is amazing! even college student can afford it. Coastal scents always has sales so keep any eye out!

Price $15.95

**disclaimer- These product was purchased by me **

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Butter London Swatches

I recently have been getting into Butter London polishes! I was so excited to get the chance to review two polishes! First off I just love the unique shape bottles they have! Butter London polishes are 3-Free but I am sure everyone already knows that =)

So let's get started

The two polishes I got was Big Smoke and Shandy

Big Smoke is a gorgeous metallic navy blue polish. Now I am usually not a dark blue polish but I love the lighter blue sparkle it has. Kinda has a dark purple hint to it. It is nice!

Shandy is a light beige with a hint of orange creme polish. I think the color looks pretty good with brown skin and it def will look good on light skin as well. It is a great color to wear at work.

Overall, I love Butter London polishes! They dry quickly, apply easily and the overall look is beautiful! While I wish I could afford Butter London's everyday the truth is I can't so if you are on the same boat as me I suggest waiting till a good sale at Ulta. I have seen sales where they are $9 which is really good! I also can't wait to try more glitter polishes bc I have seen swatches and they look gorgeous!!

Where to find: Ulta, Sephora, or online

**disclaimer- These products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Timeless Beauty Bag from ThirtyOne

I am less than 4 months away from my big move back to CA yikes! I cannot believe I moved to Texas 1 year ago only to move back a year later! But with school you gotta go where they want you! And in 2-years I will be a Physician Assistant OMG right!! I was so happy when I got contacted from a lot companies who sell makeup travel bags and def wanted to review them as I will be traveling a lot myself and overall love organized makeup. The company I am reviewing today is called ThirtyOne a company that sells lots and lots of different types of bags that you can personalize!

The bag I got to try was the Timeless Beauty Bag. I was going to put my name on it but decided I wanted something fun so this is what I came up with lol! I know original huh? I think it describes me perfectly!

The timeless Beauty bag contains 2 large holders, a small one and an area to stick your brushes.

Want to see how I packed my bag for my recent trip?

For the top bag I added some nail polishes!What was nice was I was able to put two rows of nail polishes. You prob want to stick a little bubble wrap on the front and back to protect them.

For the small holder at the top I put my blushes. They fit very easily there! I like! You could also store lippies or eyeliners. For the holders I put some eyeliners and brushes! I prob will just put brushes but I just was messing around with them trying to see what would stick there.

I used the bottom big one for palettes. It easily fit the three I put so you def have room for more!

Overall, I like that this bag includes different sizes of holders so you can put certain things in certain ones! Like the other bag I reviewed I like the clear covering so I can see exactly what is inside each bag. Love the design and the fact that you can personalize it! It would make a great gift for your makeup loving friend! I also love the holders for your makeup brushes. Theres nothing I dislike more than putting my used brushes in a bag to see the residues fall everywhere.

Price-$25 Plus Tax and Shipping
$7 to add personal touch to it (Words)

**disclaimer-This product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MyChelle Dermaceuticals

It's going to start getting hot soon here in Texas and there's nothing I hate more than feeling sticky and nasty. MyChelle Dermacenticals recently released their new Pure Harmony Colletion consisting of natural ingredients for sensitive skin.I got the chance to review two products in their new collection.

The first product is the Pure Harmony Mist and the Serum.

The Pure Harmony Mist was something I wanted to try bc I think it would help refreshen my face after sweating all day. Containing several skin enhancing nutrients, the mist made my skin feel very refreshed. It didn't have a nasty smell or sweet smell it was a perfect light scent. It did make my face feel a little sticky right after but it wasn't uncomfortable sticky like I only felt it when I touched my cheeks.

The Pure Harmony Serum is supposed to reduce the puffiness and swelling of face to give you a nice fresh glow. My skin did not get irritated with this product and I didn't notice a difference bc I don't have puffiness or swelling yet. So I def can't definitively say whether it lives up to its description. The serum was lightweight, pretty moisturizing and was unscented. It also did make my face feel soft after.

Overall, I did enjoy the Pure Harmony mist except the light stickiness I felt after application and I enjoyed the mositurizing and lightweight feeling of the serum. I did notice that the serum is quite pricey for someone in college like myself but we still have time to now have to use serums quite yet.

Price-$42 for 1fl oz
$15 for 2.1oz



**disclaimer-These products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Wet Brush

I always get compliments on how my hair is so nice and shiny and perfect! And while my hair is pretty healthy if there was one thing I could change about it it would DEF be to not get tangles! Bc my hair is so thick and well I just have a lot of hair, it gets tangled extremely easily. And if anyone else out there knows brushing out tangles really stinks! I remember crying when I was younger as my mom would brush out the knots I used to get. No fun!! So when I get an email regarding The Wet brush and how it is miracle for those with tangles I just had to review it!

The Wet brush comes in a variety of colors and mine just so happens to be purple or lavender should I say! Love it!
What makes this brush unique from others is the Intelliflex bristles that are very flexible and strong in which you won't have to tug or pull as you are brushing through tangles. I put this brush to the test for a whole week and then switched back to my regular brush!

When I tell you this brush is amazing I tell you it is! It made brushing out my tangles a breeze. Bc it was so windy in NYC I got a huge knot in the back of my hair that I was dreading to detangle. I could not believe how quick and pain-free it was to get the tangle out! Another blogger of my friend was dying to try it and I know she was just about in shock when she brushed her hair! Absolutely amazing product! Oh and I just tried my regular Conair brush that I usually use right now when I got out the shower and yeah I will be permanently using my Wet Brush you could tell a difference immediately! So if you have tangles or a little kid who dreads when you brush there hair out I recommend this brush hands down!!
 Price $7.99 w/Sally's Card or online ($14.00)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Milani ColorStatement Browns and Nudes Part two

OMG I just realized I forgot to post the second part review of the Milani ColorStatement lipsticks I received to review. Here are the remaining Browns and Nudes I got to review

All the browns and nudes in the ColorStatement Collection

Last weeks post was more brown colors while this week is the lighter browns and nudes.

We got Bronze Beauty (BB), D'Oro (D), Teddy Bare (TB), Nude Cream (NC) and Dulce Caramelo (DC)

Here is hand swatches of all the colors listed above: BB. D, TB, NC, and DC

Bronze beauty is a darker orange-brown shimmer lipstick.

D'Oro is a very bronzy golden metallic brown color.
Teddy Bare is a nice natural cream color that would make a perfect work lipstick color

Nude cream is a lighter cream lipstick. Surpringly it still looks good on brown skin tone! Love it!

Dulce Carmelo is a pearl nude color that could also be worn in the workplace. Very nice and natural for people who are just starting to wear lipstick and want to start off light!
The two lip liners that are with the brown and nudes are: Cocoa and spice

Hand swatches of Cocoa (#10) and Spice (#8)

Overall, I def like the nudes better than the browns. There nice colors but just not that nice on me. I def will be wearing the nudes to work for sure! As I work in a profession where I can't wear any reds orpinks the nudes will be perfect so I can still wear some kind of lipstick!

What was your favorite brown or nude color?

Part 1 of the Brown and Nudes review can be seen here

Want to check out any of the colors in this review or other colors in the collection? Check out Milani's COLORstatement Lipsticks Here or Liners Here 

Lipsticks available at any drug store: CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and Kmart
Price $5.99

Want to see swatches of the other lipsticks in this collection? 
Check out my older post links below


**disclaimer-This product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**


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