Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloweenie Giveaway

It's halloween time yay! To thank all of my followers for their amazing support and taking the time to read my reviews I am doing a giveaway for Halloween! Once lucky winner will win a Trick or treat bag with candy, a makeup product from Urban decay and two nail polishes!

Prize photo won't be posted here bc It's a trick or treat surprise!

Giveaway opens today and closes Friday at midnight!

Good luck all!

Jonathan Dirt Paste

Hate flyaways especially in the winter? Wish you could glue your hair style literally? I tried a product that seriously holds your hair. Dirt texturizing paste by Jonathan is the ultimate syling paste that will give your hair control and help repair all hair types.

Containing lemongrass water, sweet almond proteins and lots of natural botanical exracts, dirt paste def has a nice fresh scent to it.

A little goes a long def don't need that much for your hair. The paste is extremely thick so def rub rub your hands to heat the paste so it can go on your hair alot smoother.

Here is what it looks like after I rubbed it to melt it a little. You def can see how thick it is. I had to wash my hands with soap to get it off that's how strong of a hold it will produce on your hair.

Make sure you rub it around to make it smoother or else you will put a giant glob on your hair and it will be harder to smoothen it out then and white chunks in your hair will def not look nice. Plus its so thick its hard to smoothen it on once its on your hair. But if you smoothen before your apply to your hair like I do it will apply to your hair a lot easier. I used the Dirt paste to do a snooki doo! I think it went on great and it def keeps your hair styled for a long time.

Overall, it does an amazing job but I am not a big fan of how thick it is. I wish it was a little bit thinner in consistency. I do love the smell of it though! Again this is my personal preference, I know lots of people who loved it!

Price $14 currently on sale for $11.20 
To check out this product visit Bloom or the direct link to the product here

**disclaimer-this product was provided in my beauty ambassador box and was included for my 100% hoenst opinion**

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Benefit Beauty Products

I went to Sephora the other day and finally cashed my points to get this little set of Benefit products to try out. I love Sephora's program bc it give you the opportunity to try out beauty products you potentially haven't tried before. Lucky for me I had not tried any! This would be the ideal beauty subscription box for me a bunch of makeup each month! A girl can dream right?

Included was BADgirl Lash Mascara, Dandelion brightening face powder and That girl brightening face primer.

The size of the mascara in my rewards box was pretty good! This thick black mascara is supposed to give you thick, volumized lashes.

The brush is nice and even though it looks like it would give you clumps this applicator applies the mascara perfectly where I did not many clumps and it didn't come off thick either. I think uniform coat went on.

Sorry for the hideous quality on my camera phone but I just wanted to show how the lengthening is on this mascara. I didn't get too many clumps. And I did not use an eyelash curler either. Pretty good huh?

The next thing was the Dandelion brightening face powder

This sample was surprisingly pretty big. It comes with a brush to help apply this powder on.

The color is a very soft pink with almost a little hint of peach color that is shimmery. You can dust it all over or add it just to your cheeks.

Since I am tan, it didn't show up that well on my hand but it did shimmer. On my cheeks it comes on pretty lightly. I think this color would pop out more with lighter skin but it won't be dramatic and instead will give you a nice natural shimmer to bring out your cheekbones.

The last thing I got in my rewards box was That girl brightening face primer.

This creamy rose primer will make your face brighter as it contains light reflecting pigments as well as rasberry & chamomile to soothe skin. I was in awe when I saw the color bc its co cute!

I didn't want to blend it in completely but it does blend it very well even on my skin tone. I think it would be really well to touch up on for dark spots and just to give our skin a lighter smooth look. It wasn't too greasy and did not cause any breakout on my face!

Overall, I wish their was a beauty box out there that gave stuff like this every month. I have nothing bad to say about any of the products and will use them for a little way longer to see if they make the cute to my favorites box. Stinks I have to wait for 500 pts for Sephora to get things like this but I def will start using my points as I never had before.

Have you gotten awesome products using your points from Sephora?

To check these products out and more check out Benefit's Website

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dijana's Designs

 I love makeup (of course) but another favorite thing of mine is jewelry! I honestly feel naked when I don't have earrings on. Is that weird? Anyways I am a huge jewelry fan! I def want to start learning trying out and learning about different jewelry designers. Recently I got asked to join a blogger circle where I get to work with some new beauty/jewelry designers. I am proud to do my very first review of Dijana's Designs.

Handcrafted herself, Dijana makes earrings and necklaces in a variety of styles. From greeting cards to inspirational messages she makes one of a kind jewelry in several Portland and Oregon boutiques.

Here are two of the amazing pieces she made for me.
First up is this beautiful necklace containing a bunch of different beads on it. I love the length and how it splits into three long lines. The colors on it are teal, light pink, a really pretty marble one with pink and green in it and a round bead at the tips that have a hint of a purple/greenish color. It is so pretty! 

The other piece I got to try was a pink crystal earrings that can also be worn with the necklace. They are very light and I am a huge pink fan so I was so happy to get this color! The crystal's shape is a off-shaped square.

I apologize for the crappy lighting in this pictures but here is what they look on. Even with my dark hair you can see how the earrings would look on.

I love that they are simple but uniquely designed. I can't wait to wear these with my scrubs to work which they will look great on!

Overall, I think the idea of being able to come up with your own design jewelry is awesome! I def would love to make some diff kinds of earrings up that would go with some of my outfits. I am super picky on earrings so the idea that you can make your own is just great!


Dijana had a surprise for you guys..she donated a custom pair of earrings for one of out lucky You Had Me at Makeup followers!

Check out this georgous mixture of blue/black earrings one of you lucky ladies will be taking home!

Please go to Dijana's FB page and thank her for donating such a beautiful prize!

Giveaway will close on Halloween 10/31 at midnight! This is for all including international followers! Best of luck to you all!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Eye Majic

I see alot of people always saying they struggle to get their eyeshadow to look good. Heck even I struggle sometimes. You got to move your brush just right or else it comes out all wrong. I def love playing around and mixing diff colors together to come up with some looks that I like. But what if I told you a company just came out with Eye majic, a pre-made so to speak eyeshadow sponge that transfers to your eyelids? Would you want to try it? Do you think it works? Well you guys know I loveee trying unique beauty products so when the opportunity came to try it for myself I had to do it!

The shade I have to show for you today is shade 57. It has a light highlighter at the top, a shimmery brown color in the middle and a dark brown color on the top. Assuming the lighter shade would be the top region towards the eyebrow I decided to give it a try.

I used one sponge to test on my hand. Holding constant pressure I simply wiped it along from the inner eyelid outward. as you can see here the colors came out a little light. But you can apply it again and get a darker pigment if you like.

So here I am no makeup and all...ahhhhh! One thing I should have done is made sure to apply firm pressure and go from my inner eyelid out which I completely forgot.

It came out a little light so I pressed it a couple more times. I obviously needed to clean up the inner edges and of course forgot to take a picture lol. But as you can see if I clean it up it surpringly came out pretty cool. It took less than one minute total. Very interesting huh! I would def be interested in trying more. They have alot of different color combinations that look really cute. I might have to get another set to try it out again.

Overall, I think the concept is really cool, they seem to come off okay but I can't say I love or hate it. I am left in a neutral spot which I don't think I have ever been before..hum maybe I should try some more out.

What do you think?

Want to learn more about Eye Majic? Check out their website.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glisten and Glow

Looking for some homemade bath and body products or perhaps gifts? Glisten and Glow is def am amazing place that you can personalize for friends and family this Christmas. From body and foot lotion body wash, body spray, shampoo and conditioners, lip balmb, body butter, bubble bath and anti-bacterial products you can def find the perfect gift. Each type of product also has over 100 different fragrances.

Here is some of the products I got: body wash in Sweet Pea, Body butter in Ocean Breeze, and Glis-tics cuticle oils in Red apple and Chamomile.

Price- $10.50
Look how cute the personalize label is on my body wash. Sweet pea has a light garden sort of smell to it. And I love the name its so cute.

Price: $13.50
The body butter I got is Ocean Breeze. It def smells like the fresh scent of the ocean. And since I am very far from the ocean it makes me think of SF bay. =(  Oh, and I love my personalized blog label!

The body butter is also very moisturizing on the skin and leaves it feeling nice and soft. 

My cuticles are def in need of some TLC and I have heard so much about this Glis-tics cuticle oils that I had to give them a try! Again check out the cute custom labels! These cute little sticks are perfect to throw in your purse and put on your cuticles whenever you have time aka during work! Red apple smells so yummy and I am always a fan of chamomile.

Price: $3.50
The last thing I got was the famous homemade beeswax lip balm in watermelon. Um yes! I love lip gloss and watermelon and to put it into a homemade lip balm even better. It has a thicker consistency which I like so my hands aren't left all sticky from putting it on and you just slide it open!

Overall, I def can't wait to try more products from Glisten & Glow. Def check out her website or FB page when your on the hunt for X-mas gifts or gifts in general. She also sells nail polish and her own top coat called HK Girl that I have heard amazing things about but haven't tried it yet! And if you want to get me anything I will PM you my =)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October BB Box

I apologize that this is a really quick review but I have class in less than 30 minutes so I have to head out soon. OMG BB this month.. here is what I got..

The theme this month was transformation. I didn't get the goop box bc I forgot to request it lol.

What was included in this regular BB box was.
1. Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Perfume- honesly I am very much over perfume samples. If I wanted these I would just got to a department store and get them.
2. Mox Botanicals-Pomegranate and fig Lip Butter. It smelled lovely but the product is like the size of a quarter. Its really small.
3. Supergoop Sunscreen. BB its october! I do NOT need any suncreen anymore!
4. theBalm Cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer. Although it is a very small sample its cute!

Here are pictures to show you how small each are. They look big on here but trust me there not!

See the color is cute!

Also, I was supposed to get a Luna bar but that wasn't in it as well!

All in all I am bummed bc everything was small and quite frankly it sucked! Sorry I sound like I am on a rant but it was a long day and the box made me more mad lol!

did you get anything good?

Friday, October 12, 2012

October 2012 Myglam Bag

It's Myglam time! Woooo hoooo!

This month's theme was bombshell! And let me tell you the contents were def bombshell...even the bag was super cute!

Wanna see what I got?

Here they are! The beauties I got this month. I will go through them individually now.

First off some beautiful eyeshadows from Coastal Scents. If you have been following me for a while you know I love CS. Based in Florida, this makeup company provides makeup that is extremely affordable and VERY pigmented. I loveee their eyeshadows! I know there were different colors people got.

The one I got contains: Vibrant red, Frosty Taupe, Vanilla Sky, and Raisin Berry. I did not use a primer for these swatches just literally got a makeup brush and put it on my skin. Aren't they bright?

The next product I got was Be a bombshell eye liner by Bombshell Cosmetics. Kind of like a sharpie this eyeliner can just be drawn on your eyelid. Although the type of brush it was is unique I just never really like pen style liners. For me its harder to put put on and it comes on streaky. I never can get uniform lines. Prefer gel liner instead but it was worth the try. And by the time I got off work it started coming off..sad =(
I loveeee mascara and trying new kinds so when I opened my bag and saw The Balm what's your type mascara I got excited. It def gives you volume, gives a nice dark black color and lengthens really well. The only downfall I would say is it gave me a little clumps but after using my Tweezerman icomb problem was solved.

When I saw the name lip bomb I was like wow that's an intense name. Just as intense as the color #2 a bright red! Now when I tell you this lip stain stays on I mean it! It's like cement. Sure it comes off when you drink or eat a little bit but seriously you wouldn't even notice. Here is my lips after applying the lip bomb.

I tried to make a cute kiss on my hand but that obviously was a huge fail! Oh well!

The point I wanted to make was here is my lips after that huge kiss where it looks like a lot of the gloss came off. Tell me it didn't stay extremely well on still? I put some on before class yesterday around 5pm and when I got home at 9:30 that baby was still on amazing! Oh and both times I had to use a makeup removing wipe to get it off! Crazy!

The final product I didn't individually picture was the Pequi Oil Treatment that restores softeness and shine to your hair. I unfortunately didn't have time to try it out but I will let you guys know how it works.

Overall, I would rate this months bag as a 10 out of 10. This by far was the best bag yet. And if Myglam keeps it up they will def dominate the beauty subscription companies! Everything included here was great to try and I have my fingers crossed that next month it will be just as great!

Did you enjoy your bag this month?

MyGlam is a monthly sample program that delivers 4-5 beauty products in a design makeup bag that changes each month. Some items sent are samples while others are full-size.  You can subscribe to by visiting but as of right now they are sold out. Just keep checking, I waited for about a month and half but finally got in! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cheeky Summer Collection

OMG I was so excited to get this congratulations letter on being accepted as a reviewer for Cheeky’s 2012 Summer Collection. Not only was this my first time reviewing for them but it also was my very first time at I know where have I been. Just recently released, I am so excited to show you all the plates and designs that come in this collection! 
 Cute little Congrats card!

All of the plates come in this cute little box that stacks them nice and neatly inside. Also included is this cute little card that could be used as a scraper.

When first arriving, Cheeky's plates come wrapped in a blue protective plastic to ensure they don't get scratched on the delivery trip.

On the back of each plate is the cute little Cheeky logo. As I love pink this was soooo cute.

It's really easy to take off that protective shield off just take your nail and pull it off! I wanted to go into all the plates themes to tell you what you can get from this collection.

Plate 30 and 31 are music themes. 30 has individual pictures with instruments like a beat box and guitar and 31 has bigger pictures with music symbols and all.
Plates 32 and 33 are very different. As a biologist I love 32 as it has a bunch of creepy little monsters on it. And as I am taking microbiology this semester they remind me of those nasty little germs all around. 33 is a nature theme I think. You have the recycle symbol, a butterfly, leaves and random designs on it.

34 and 35 are sports themes. You have things ranging from boxing gloves, to bats and balls, to a football helmet. These would be cute to wear to a sporting event!

36 and 37 are summer party themes. You get sunglasses, flip flops and summer drinks! Love the bikini one on top of 37. Can't wait to incorporate that into my nails.

38 has a ocean under the sea them with a bunch of animals like fish, a sea horse and dolphins. 39 is for all those gamblers out there. You have poker chips, symbols from slot machines and cards. My mom would love this if they had a bingo picture lol!

Nail lovers will love 40 its nail polish/beauty theme. You have I love nail polish, blow dryers and more nail polish! 41 is a fast food got pizza, sodas, fries and hamburgers lol! Wonder what kind of designs I could do with those?

42 is another food theme with hot dogs, bananas, and utensils. 43 is individual characters like a mouse, snail and bird.
44 is another girl plate with lots of flowers and girly circle designs. 45 is a space them with a rocket, spaceship, and planet.

46 is a space theme. It has spacecrafts and more. I love 47! It would be really cool for a superhero theme with all the words you seen on the back in the day Batman movies lol! Isn't it cool?

Not really sure what 48's them is but it has lightening bolts, question marks and other stuff I am not sure what it is. 49 is a pirate them. Argghhh matey! It has a cool pirate flag and treasure chest as well as other designs.
50 is a girly them with butterflys (my favorite animals) and flowers. I can't wait to make some cute designs with these and add glitter on top of these. Bet they would look so cute! 51 is a movie night them. You can add some gold stars, popcorn, and even the clapper I think its called that they used back in the day to say Action!

52 is another random theme that has stars and I even saw the flames that made me think of the hunger games mani's I saw everywhere. I was wondering how people got perfect flames! 53 is a plate dedicated to your man! It's love love love theme! Cute teddybears, hearts and a I heart my bf. Cute!

The last two plates def represent my fav hobby: SHOPPING! Love the high heels, I heart NY (even though I have never been there...yet!) and $ signs and price tags and dresses...can you tell I lovvvvveee shopping!

I didn't have the best nail polish and this was my first time working with a stamper so you can def tell the difference between the ones I did at first and the later ones. But in no time I will get the hang of it and will be posting my designs up on FB.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the variety of differernt themes in this collection. I liked the size, storage box that Cheeky makes convenient for all of use. The pictures are spread out enough to let you get great images. The sizes of them are also perfect for nails- not too big where they take up your entire nail or too small where you need a magnifying glass...Just Perfect! I can't wait to do mani's with these now and I def will be posting these up as I get better. But for a rookie I got the hang of it pretty easy I just need to find good nail polishes to work with it. Oh yeah and for only $24.99 you get all 26 plates? Talk about an amazing deal!

What nail polishes have you had success using for stamping? Colors or brands.

Price- $24.99

Where to find-

You can check out Cheeky at there:

**Disclaimer- this product was provided to me for my 100% opinion**


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