Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Glisten and Glow

Looking for some homemade bath and body products or perhaps gifts? Glisten and Glow is def am amazing place that you can personalize for friends and family this Christmas. From body and foot lotion body wash, body spray, shampoo and conditioners, lip balmb, body butter, bubble bath and anti-bacterial products you can def find the perfect gift. Each type of product also has over 100 different fragrances.

Here is some of the products I got: body wash in Sweet Pea, Body butter in Ocean Breeze, and Glis-tics cuticle oils in Red apple and Chamomile.

Price- $10.50
Look how cute the personalize label is on my body wash. Sweet pea has a light garden sort of smell to it. And I love the name its so cute.

Price: $13.50
The body butter I got is Ocean Breeze. It def smells like the fresh scent of the ocean. And since I am very far from the ocean it makes me think of SF bay. =(  Oh, and I love my personalized blog label!

The body butter is also very moisturizing on the skin and leaves it feeling nice and soft. 

My cuticles are def in need of some TLC and I have heard so much about this Glis-tics cuticle oils that I had to give them a try! Again check out the cute custom labels! These cute little sticks are perfect to throw in your purse and put on your cuticles whenever you have time aka during work! Red apple smells so yummy and I am always a fan of chamomile.

Price: $3.50
The last thing I got was the famous homemade beeswax lip balm in watermelon. Um yes! I love lip gloss and watermelon and to put it into a homemade lip balm even better. It has a thicker consistency which I like so my hands aren't left all sticky from putting it on and you just slide it open!

Overall, I def can't wait to try more products from Glisten & Glow. Def check out her website or FB page when your on the hunt for X-mas gifts or gifts in general. She also sells nail polish and her own top coat called HK Girl that I have heard amazing things about but haven't tried it yet! And if you want to get me anything I will PM you my =)


  1. How adorable that she personalizes it, wow! I didn't know she had so many great products, I went on the site solely to buy HK Girl (I'm supposed to be on a no-buy) but I would have definitely picked up some of this stuff!! :}

  2. I know I love how she personalizes it as well. And I didn't realize how many frangrances she has! Sorry I know I am a bad influence!



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