Thursday, October 4, 2012 Hair Products

It's Bloom.Com Ambassador Box time! I got a bunch of stuff in my box this month that I will be reviewing all week. Today's review is on two of the hair products I got.
First up is the Lea Journo Parfait Intense Hydrating Mask ($45)

Kind of like a thick whipped cream texture, this mask is supposed to relieve dry damaged hair by penetrating deep in the hair to revitalize, mositurize and strengthen it. It'a also supposed to add shine.

All you do is add it to dry hair and leave it on for a little bit (I left it on for 10 mins) then hopped right into the shower. As it is washing off your hair starts to feel super duper soft.

Then I used the other product I am reviewing today the Dermaheal Hair Conditioning shampoo ($40 for 25ml). This product is supposed to cleans your hair while also delivering a medical active ingredient to help with hair loss while stimulating hair growth. I just used this shampoo after I washed out the mask.

I have been both products for a little more than a week. 

 lets see what the results are.....

Drum roll please....baabhabhb

More shine to my hair...uhhh yes..
Softer hair? double yes..
My hair def was a little less frizzy as it usually is...
And I have def notied that my hair is starting to grow a little bit.

Wow true to its role..def will be using the Dermaheal shampoo everyday now bc I miss my long hair!

Here it is my final look!

Want to check out these products?

Check out the links to each on of them below.

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