Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cheeky Summer Collection

OMG I was so excited to get this congratulations letter on being accepted as a reviewer for Cheeky’s 2012 Summer Collection. Not only was this my first time reviewing for them but it also was my very first time at I know where have I been. Just recently released, I am so excited to show you all the plates and designs that come in this collection! 
 Cute little Congrats card!

All of the plates come in this cute little box that stacks them nice and neatly inside. Also included is this cute little card that could be used as a scraper.

When first arriving, Cheeky's plates come wrapped in a blue protective plastic to ensure they don't get scratched on the delivery trip.

On the back of each plate is the cute little Cheeky logo. As I love pink this was soooo cute.

It's really easy to take off that protective shield off just take your nail and pull it off! I wanted to go into all the plates themes to tell you what you can get from this collection.

Plate 30 and 31 are music themes. 30 has individual pictures with instruments like a beat box and guitar and 31 has bigger pictures with music symbols and all.
Plates 32 and 33 are very different. As a biologist I love 32 as it has a bunch of creepy little monsters on it. And as I am taking microbiology this semester they remind me of those nasty little germs all around. 33 is a nature theme I think. You have the recycle symbol, a butterfly, leaves and random designs on it.

34 and 35 are sports themes. You have things ranging from boxing gloves, to bats and balls, to a football helmet. These would be cute to wear to a sporting event!

36 and 37 are summer party themes. You get sunglasses, flip flops and summer drinks! Love the bikini one on top of 37. Can't wait to incorporate that into my nails.

38 has a ocean under the sea them with a bunch of animals like fish, a sea horse and dolphins. 39 is for all those gamblers out there. You have poker chips, symbols from slot machines and cards. My mom would love this if they had a bingo picture lol!

Nail lovers will love 40 its nail polish/beauty theme. You have I love nail polish, blow dryers and more nail polish! 41 is a fast food got pizza, sodas, fries and hamburgers lol! Wonder what kind of designs I could do with those?

42 is another food theme with hot dogs, bananas, and utensils. 43 is individual characters like a mouse, snail and bird.
44 is another girl plate with lots of flowers and girly circle designs. 45 is a space them with a rocket, spaceship, and planet.

46 is a space theme. It has spacecrafts and more. I love 47! It would be really cool for a superhero theme with all the words you seen on the back in the day Batman movies lol! Isn't it cool?

Not really sure what 48's them is but it has lightening bolts, question marks and other stuff I am not sure what it is. 49 is a pirate them. Argghhh matey! It has a cool pirate flag and treasure chest as well as other designs.
50 is a girly them with butterflys (my favorite animals) and flowers. I can't wait to make some cute designs with these and add glitter on top of these. Bet they would look so cute! 51 is a movie night them. You can add some gold stars, popcorn, and even the clapper I think its called that they used back in the day to say Action!

52 is another random theme that has stars and I even saw the flames that made me think of the hunger games mani's I saw everywhere. I was wondering how people got perfect flames! 53 is a plate dedicated to your man! It's love love love theme! Cute teddybears, hearts and a I heart my bf. Cute!

The last two plates def represent my fav hobby: SHOPPING! Love the high heels, I heart NY (even though I have never been there...yet!) and $ signs and price tags and dresses...can you tell I lovvvvveee shopping!

I didn't have the best nail polish and this was my first time working with a stamper so you can def tell the difference between the ones I did at first and the later ones. But in no time I will get the hang of it and will be posting my designs up on FB.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the variety of differernt themes in this collection. I liked the size, storage box that Cheeky makes convenient for all of use. The pictures are spread out enough to let you get great images. The sizes of them are also perfect for nails- not too big where they take up your entire nail or too small where you need a magnifying glass...Just Perfect! I can't wait to do mani's with these now and I def will be posting these up as I get better. But for a rookie I got the hang of it pretty easy I just need to find good nail polishes to work with it. Oh yeah and for only $24.99 you get all 26 plates? Talk about an amazing deal!

What nail polishes have you had success using for stamping? Colors or brands.

Price- $24.99

Where to find-

You can check out Cheeky at there:

**Disclaimer- this product was provided to me for my 100% opinion**

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  1. Awesome review! How did you get picked for this??? I would love to do something like this sometime.



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