Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weleda Skin Food

Hi all! Long time no see =) I have been so so busy with school. So I am soon to be into my 3rd month in school. I study all day everyday so when I get up in the morning I get ready sooooo fast. I noticed about a month ago my hands were getting dry badly especially my knuckles which were starting to get kind of ashy so when Weleda contacted me about trying their Skin Food Cream I was definitely interested!!!

Based in Switzerland, this natural skin care company the skin cream was recommended for dry, rough skin.

I couldn't have asked for something better to try!

Based on other lotions/creams one thing I noticed right off the bat is how thick the cream is. So you need to really massage it in. I made a good habit of putting on the lotion every morning for the last month. I was pretty amazed at how soft my hands got and the dryness in my knuckles in my went down. And while I don't really like thick cream I def will learn to love it to help keep my hands soft and moisturized any day.

They recommended for super dry hands to add cream and sleep with overnite cotton gloves on. I might have to try that just to see what it does to my hands!!

Price: $19 for 2.5 fl oz
Where to find: CVS, Target, Sprouts grocery stores or

**disclaimer- This product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Ipsy Bag

OMG I just had the most intense week ever.... Had quizzes on Mon and Tues, midterms-Wed, Thurs, Fri. Physician Assistant school is no joke! I miss reviewing as often like I use to but I do enjoy even the day a week that I can write up as its my little break from all the studying! Anyways today I want to show you what I got in this months IPSY bag.

This month's theme is Classic Beauty. First off I absolutely love the color combination gorgeous!!!

Want to see what I got???

The first three products I got was:
1.  Elizabeth Mott It's so big Volumizing Mascara- You can never have enough mascara! 
2. Nyx Single Eye Shadow - Cute color its a dark char
3. J Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick- Pretty color! Wonder how it will look on my skintone
4. Starlooks Kohl Eye linerI tested on my arm and it looked like it would be nice. Then I tried it on my eye and it didn't come out dark. Sad face!

 4. Freeman Beauty Facial Brightening Paper Mask- This look funs! I have never tried a paper mask and just the scents sound like their are amazing

I was about to try the lipstick color and this happened! So sad! Did any of this happen to you guys? Maybe I just got a bad one..

Overall, loved the bag: the design and the color combination. I will def try out the paper face mask and mascara for sure. Prob won't use the lipstick and liner bc they didn't work for me. Overall, not bad. Hope we get some more good stuff next month!

Did you enjoy your bag this month?

MyGlam is a monthly sample program that delivers 4-5 beauty products in a design makeup bag that changes each month. Some items sent are samples while others are full-of right now they are sold out. Just keep checking, I waited for about a month and half before I got in.  You can subscribe to them by visiting myglam.com 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects Shine Minimizing Cleanser

Would you like to review products like a blogger? If so there is a really cool company called Influenster where you do surveys and other stuff and get the opportunity to review a themed "vox box". I got chosen for one with the theme of Paradise box. Each box usually comes with full size products and I thought it would be fun to review all the different things I got in it.

The first product I will review today is the Olay Fresh Effects Shine minimizing cleanser.

Since I have some serious oily skin I thought it would be amazing to try this product and maybe get rid of some serious shine I am wearing now-a-days

The cleanser is a thicker consistency that you add a little water to and make a paste with. It smells good and I just do it in the mornings. I had no breakouts or irritations at all and used it for a bout a week and a half. Now did I notice a difference in my overall shine? Not at all!

Bummer because I was hoping maybe this would be the answer to all my oily skin prayers and unfortunately I didn't notice a difference at all. =( Too bad..

Do you recommend any face products for shiny skin? If so, please comment below I def want to find something for my face!!

Price $6-7 approx
Where to find: any drug stores


To learn more about this program visit:

**Disclosure This product was provided by Influenster** 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tweezerman New Products

Hi all! Been pretty busy with exams. School is really working me! I was so excited to see a package from Tweezerman last week as I am a beauty ambassador so I get to try out some of their new products they release fun! So today I got two really cool bright colored products I use regularly.

The first thing I got was one of their new Neon Hot Filemates! How fun is the color! I use to think Tweezerman was just tweezers until I tried their eye lash curler and eye lash comb on my very first ambassador box. Still using both of those products to this day! You can never go wrong with a file and I really love the bright summer colors and will be excited to whip this is on class when I have to file my nails down for exams =(. I can no longer have long nails so its nubbins for me for one whole year at least. Tweezerman also has two other colors for their files: green/yellow and orange/pink

The second thing I got is what this company is know for...tweezers. I got the a mini slant tweezer from their new Fresh and Fruit collection

The mini's are really cute and you can see how tiny they are in my hand. Strawberries are my favorite fruit so I am so excited that I have this! This collection comes with two other kinds- an orange one and a pomegranate in pink. 

I just wanted to show you the amazing angle these tweezers have! They will get every little eyebrow hair you have with precision. Before I got into Tweezerman I use to get cheap drug store one's and they would hurt and make my skin bleed. I love Tweezerman bc I don't have to tug out the hair a bunch of times. It def doesn't hurt like it use to with other tweezers and I love the cute designs and size. My old ones were boring silver so how cute that they are all girly. Plus with a mini I can easily throw it in my purse and use it as I travel or when I am stuck in my classroom for 8 hours and trust me there are days like that!! 

As always I am a tweezerman fan and believe they are worth the price you pay! They have saved me time and sweat from plucking my eyebrows so I will continue to use them!!1

Price- $15 (tweezer) and $7 (files)
Where to find- any drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target or online at:

**Disclaimer- these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

Friday, September 6, 2013

RocksBox #2

Hi all had a long long week with tests and quizzes almost daily. It seems like I will never get a break this year with school. Gotta keep telling myself it will be worth it but it is so hard to think then when you are the one in these shoes. But I make myself take little 10 min breaks here and there and I love having beauty boxes to be able to open up to keep my mind off school!

Here is the 2nd box I got for Rocksbox a jewelry subscription..

I do always enjoy the little box that is tied up in a cute little pink bow

So let's see what I got this month...

The first thing I got was a Margaret Elizabeth Cushion Cut Ring in Aqua Chalcedony

I usually am not a fan of gold color rings but I think it went really well with the gem stone. 
Not bad! 

The second piece of jewelry I got was a Loren Hope Clara Bracelet. Not really a big fan of the design. Don't see anything special about it.

The last thing I got was an Urban Gem Geometry Renaissance Necklace in black. It is def a unique design as well. Not bad

This month they did not include a price list. Maybe they didn't want to scare me but I decided to look up each company online and see the prices of the products above or ones very similar to those. For the ring I seen a similar one for $78. I found the exact same bracelet for $68. And finally the necklace I wasn't able to find but im guessing its going to be around 100 too

As mentioned last time I love getting to see and try new jewelry but as a student there is no way I could afford anything here. One day!!!


**disclaimer- this product was provided to me by iFabbo** 

Monday, September 2, 2013

L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess

Happy Labor day all! I got a bunch of drug store mascara from Rite aid to review! I love trying these bc these next two years while I am a student I will only be able to afford these so I need to find good ones for good deals. 

The one I am reviewing today is from L'Oreal and its the Voluminous Million Lashes Excess in Blackest black.

As usual the firs thing I do is check out the brush. I can easily tell if I will get clumps easy but this brush looked nice you don't see excess mascara between bristles and they are thing enough so they will reach each individual lash as you apply.

I hope you guys love comparison photos bc I really like to show you what each mascara does for me. While I have long lashes they are normally flat as you can see on the right side. But when I applied mascara on the left side you can the lengthening and volumizing capabilities of this mascara. I didn't even need to curl my lashes before to achieve this and the lashes stayed up for most of the day

Here is a side shot showing my lame lashes on the right side and my lashes with the L'Oreal mascara on the left side. Very satisfied with this mascara. Will def be adding this brand to my drug store favorites. But I got like 4 more drug store brands to review so we will see which others will be my favorite. 

Price: $8.95
Where to find: Drug Stores-Target, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Scrub

Still on the hunt for a facial scrub.. got this a few weeks ago when I had a mini break out on my chin area and forehead.

Tried the Biore face wash and it didn't help so then I bought the Clean & Clear advantage daily soothing acne scrub. Since it said acne treatment I thought it would be perfect for my little breakouts that I felt would not go away. I also liked that it was oil-free since I have oily skin

This scrub is made with aloe and avocado and smells delicious. I really am not a big fan of face scrubs that smell like harsh chemicals so this is perfect for me!!

This scrub doesn't have any exfoliant beads in it so it won't help your black heads (wish it did bc my nose could def use it). It also is not too greasy. I used it for about a week and found that it in fact did not help my acne. My nasty breakout stayed and it did not minimize it what so ever. Finally I got tired of my face and went back to the Neutrogena cleanser I used before I moved back to California and within a week my face cleared. It sucks bc its supposed to be an acne cleaner and yet it did not clear my acne. Sad! Guess I am on to the next facial cleanser.

Price- ~$6
Where to find- Drug stores- CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Walmart

**disclaimer- this product was purchased by me **

Monday, August 26, 2013

August IPSY Bag

I am busy busy busy with school so little things like beauty subscriptions make me so happy bc I get to feel like a normal human being for like 5 minutes. Never thought being a physician assistant student would be so hard but it really is all they say it is. I feel like I have no time in the day for anything. But back to me what I am writing about...this month's theme is Glamour academy. 

Here is the bag we got this... how perfect for me I am going back to school so this theme is perfect. Love the bag and the colors and how well they go together. 

Let's see what I got this month....


1.  Pacifica Alight Multi mineral BB CreamI have tried the creams and fragrances from this company and they are amazing so can't wait to try this.
2. Micheal Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub - The name sounds amazing!
3. City Colour Cheek stainPretty color! Can't wait to try.
 4. Noya Lip Balm-  I am not a big fan of vanilla so we will see if I try it 

 5Pixi Lash Boost Mascara -excited to try this and love that its the blackest black color too!

Overall, loved the bag and loved the products I got. I def will be trying more than half of the stuff I got! Maybe I will find some new favorite products. Can't wait to see what I get next month!!

Did you enjoy your bag this month?

MyGlam is a monthly sample program that delivers 4-5 beauty products in a design makeup bag that changes each month. Some items sent are samples while others are full-of right now they are sold out. Just keep checking, I waited for about a month and half before I got in.  You can subscribe to them by visiting myglam.com 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Barielle Treatment Creams

I am the worst person at putting cream on my hands and feet before I leave in the mornings! So of course along with washing my hands all the time working in health care my hands have gotten very dry. My feet especially the heels are even worse! Barielle recently sent over their protective hand cream and feet care cream and I was really excited because I heard a lot of other bloggers tell me how amazing they are!

Price $8 2.5 oz or $15 for 6oz
The first cream I tried was the hand cream. It is not too greasy and doesn't have a strong yucky smell! It moisturizes very well and leaves my hands feeling nice and soft especially my knuckles which I noticed are always ashy or at least were always ashy and of course!! 

Price $12 for 2.5 oz

The foot cream kind of reminds me of baby lotion smell wise but it is pretty thick. My heels especially have been chapped very bad so I try and put this on when I remember but for sure every time I put on sandals. Def give enough time for your lotion to absorb or you will foot will slip around in your shoes lol! This foot care cream is very moisturizing and I have def noticed my chapped heels are getting MUCH better than they originally were. So if you love wearing sandals and want your feet to look soft and beautiful def give this cream a try!

Overall I love both of these and would recommend them to anyone looking to moisturize their hands or feet!!

Where to find- Online

**disclaimer-these products were sent for my 100% honest opinion**

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

When I went to get a facial last month I was told I had lots of clogged pores on my nose and I needed to start using an exfoliator to keep them clean after she unclogged every single one on my nose she could lol! So I was on the hunt to find a good drug store one. 

I decided to try a Biore one first

The Biore Pore unclogging scrub is to supposed to clear and exfoliate the skin 

The first thing I noticed when looking at this is there is not a lot of exfoliating beads in it. I was assuming it should have a bunch of them in the scrub so I could get every little pore on my nose. When I dabbed some on my nose I only got a few there and felt like it really didn't scrub good! Like I have tried some where you could feel the beads cleaning deep down but I didn't with these. I also recently started breaking out bc of stress and so I was hoping it would help get rid of those nasty little pimples but it actually didn't even begin to clear them. 

Overall, wasn't impressed didn't feel like it cleaned well and def didn't help my little acne spots.

Price- $5-$6
Where to find- Any drug stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc

**disclaimer-this product was purchased by me**

Friday, August 16, 2013

Smashbox Lipsticks

I have a few smashbox lipsticks I have been meaning to try out they literally have been sitting in my makeup box for a few months.

One is from an older collection and the other is a newer one

They are both pinks but one is Fushia Flash and the other is Pout. I am def starting to try out of my normal wear to try new things! It's hard to step out of the comfort zone but hey thats the only way you can find new favorites!!!

Fuschia Flash is exactly its name a fuschia or purple-pink color and Pout is a light pink one

As you can see on the swatches Fushia Flash is a matte color and Pout is a creamy shiny one

Fushia flash looks really good and I feel like its a color that would look nice on both light and dark skintone 

Pout on the otherhand didn't go well with my natural lip color. I feel like it was blotchy. Not a big fan of it =(

Price- $20
Where to find- http://www.smashbox.com/ or any department stores that carries this brand

**disclaimer-these products were purchased by me **

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Paper

Since I am very oily now I have been on the hunt for a good blotting liner. I've tried some before but was excited to get the Boscia ones as a sample as I have heard lots of good stuff about them

Made with Green tea which is an antioxident this blotting liner is supposed to help freshen skin by removing all the yucky oil you product throughout the day

The blotting paper looks very different then your normal ones as it has the green tea specks on it. One thing I first noticed is it did NOT remove my foundation. As I am tan you will clearly see if the makeup comes off and that is one of the things I hate! Also I don't know about you but when I am in class I get embarassed doing it as you can clearly see all the oil I remove in other blotting papers. But with the Boscia one's you can not see the oil removed to the naked eye unless you really look close. I just love how my face looks nice and oil free after using these wipes. I am happy with these ones and plan on buying them once I run out.

Price- $10 for 100 sheets
Where to find- Department stores- Macy's, Nordstrom, etc.

**disclaimer- I purchased this product was purchased by me**

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Almay Oil-free Makeup Removing Face Wipes

On the hunt for cheaper makeup remover. Saw these Almay one and thought it would be nice because it said oil-free and I have oily skin now so I figured it would be nice

They come in a little bag with 25 in them like this. The seal is way better than the Olay one's which kept opening on me so the wipes were always moist and never dried out

The wipes are a good size, with regards to scent I wasn't the biggest fan of it but its okay

Def one thing I noticed was it got the makeup off better than the Olay ones I had. I wasn't sitting there rubbing my eyes off and the wipes didn't sting my eyes either. I did notice my skin was a little sticky afterwards and not sure why?? Also bc they were oil-free I thought they would help not increase my oily production but I did notice a increase in oil around my nose area and forehead. But I am not 100% sure if its because of the wipes itself or due to the fact that I am in a new state and whether its climate changes. So I can't say for sure whether I like them or not!!

Price: Varies ~ $6-7
Where to find- any drug stores

**disclaimer-this product was purchased by me**

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Essence Makeup Review

As a student I love affordable makeup. So when Essence Cosmetics offered me the opportunity to review some of there products I said of course!

Check out what I tried below...

Price $4.99

The first product I got to try was the Stays no matter what 24 h volume mascara in black. As I say in every review I want mascara that will give me some serious length and volume. I hate flat lashes so I am always looking for dramatic looks!

The brush itself is good as you can see not a lot of excess mascara between bristles so that helps in regards to clumps. I am super shocked at how well the length and volume is with this mascara. I seriously wouldn't think a mascara less than $5 would give good results. I have been using this mascara for the past two weeks and have been happy.

Price: $3.29
The next thing I tried was the Stays no matter what 24 hr eyeliner

The tip is pretty good which makes it easy to apply

It comes off easily however I found it was not really waterproof. Right before my big move to Ca I had lots of emotions so of course I shed a few tears and noticed my inner eyelid area lost all of the eyeliner. With that sad I wasn't really impressed.

Price: $1.99
The next thing I tried was the Kiss Care Love Lip Balm. First thing I noticed was the bubble gum smell or something yummy it had. They really don't give much color to your normal lip color and the consistency is not too sticky/thick or too thing where you have to keep adding some on. I would say it is just good enough. 

Price: $3.49
Finally I tried the 3D eyeshadow in Irresistable smoky and Irresistable mermaids kiss

The shape of the shadow is cool bc if there is one thing I had in duo eyeshadows is there is no clear separation between the two and I always get the darker color all in the light one. Here there is a diff in one from the other so you could use just one only and not make a big mess in the other.

Here are the swatches of the colors. On the left is Smoky and the right is Mermaid kiss. I am not a fan of the shimmery shadows so of course these shadows on not something I would use but they do have good pigmentation. These swatches are just the shadow so with a good primer they would give good color.

Where to find: Any ulta store

**disclaimer-this product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**


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