Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Essence Makeup Review

As a student I love affordable makeup. So when Essence Cosmetics offered me the opportunity to review some of there products I said of course!

Check out what I tried below...

Price $4.99

The first product I got to try was the Stays no matter what 24 h volume mascara in black. As I say in every review I want mascara that will give me some serious length and volume. I hate flat lashes so I am always looking for dramatic looks!

The brush itself is good as you can see not a lot of excess mascara between bristles so that helps in regards to clumps. I am super shocked at how well the length and volume is with this mascara. I seriously wouldn't think a mascara less than $5 would give good results. I have been using this mascara for the past two weeks and have been happy.

Price: $3.29
The next thing I tried was the Stays no matter what 24 hr eyeliner

The tip is pretty good which makes it easy to apply

It comes off easily however I found it was not really waterproof. Right before my big move to Ca I had lots of emotions so of course I shed a few tears and noticed my inner eyelid area lost all of the eyeliner. With that sad I wasn't really impressed.

Price: $1.99
The next thing I tried was the Kiss Care Love Lip Balm. First thing I noticed was the bubble gum smell or something yummy it had. They really don't give much color to your normal lip color and the consistency is not too sticky/thick or too thing where you have to keep adding some on. I would say it is just good enough. 

Price: $3.49
Finally I tried the 3D eyeshadow in Irresistable smoky and Irresistable mermaids kiss

The shape of the shadow is cool bc if there is one thing I had in duo eyeshadows is there is no clear separation between the two and I always get the darker color all in the light one. Here there is a diff in one from the other so you could use just one only and not make a big mess in the other.

Here are the swatches of the colors. On the left is Smoky and the right is Mermaid kiss. I am not a fan of the shimmery shadows so of course these shadows on not something I would use but they do have good pigmentation. These swatches are just the shadow so with a good primer they would give good color.

Where to find: Any ulta store

**disclaimer-this product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. you should really try out their nail polish :) I really liked them and just did a review on one of them!

  2. Did you try the longlasting lipstick?



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