Monday, March 26, 2012

How I turned my Computer desk into a Makeup Desk

My bf and I are both college students. So that means were broke lol. I can't afford an expensive makeup vanity so I have to settle for the next best thing. This desk if from Office max and was 50% off. So it was only $65. It was my goal to turn it into my makeup headquarters. 

 I love that it has two mini shelves in the middle which is where I put my sephora OPI mini's and my Art Deco polishes. You probably can tell I am an organized freak and put stuff in order by colors lol. On the top I have a nail shelf that I got at a beauty supply store in San Jose, CA for I believe $15.
Then I lined the shelf with more nail colors. The two open drawers also contain things; The right has a acrylic lipstick holder and all my nail tools: files, clippers, cuticle oil. And the right contains my eyeshadows and palettes. 

 For the writing desk area (sorry its so messy). I lined it with my perfumes on the left. Some glass vases that I got from the dollar tree that hold my makeup brushes, my brush cleaner/shampoo, my nail polish remover in that bottle like you see at the nail place. And finally a acrylic holder that separates the Q-tips, cotton balls, and makeup pads that I got at the container store.

I didn't have a drawer like all the nice makeup tables had so I did the next best thing and made one. I bought acrylic holders from the container store as well in various sizes: S, M, and L. It's amazing how they all fit in the keyboard holder. When you pull it out, it looks just like a drawer its awesome! 

Now that eventually my polish/nail collection will grow but for now I am satisfied with what I have. I also got a little painting for a red high heel that I will hang above the desk. 

So see, even college students can make turn a desk into an awesome makeup area.

Prices: Lip stick holder-$9.99
3 door acrylic separater-$12.99
Stackable trays-2.99 to 4.99 (S,M,L)

You can get these at or at any of their locations

You can also get these at Target I heard. 

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