Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nail Art Society Feb Box

Here it is my very first Nail Art Society Box.

 Ready to see what I got?

Each month you get a little card with different ways to use the products you receive. I really like this idea bc I am one of those people who can't even draw a stick figure so you can only imagine how my nail art would look right lol! On the back it gives step by step instructions on how to create one of the looks! Def a great idea! 

Here is a shot of everything that was included in this box.

The first thing in the box is nail art stickers to place on your nails. Its really hard to tell but I think there flowers?? Not really sure. And price wise I guess this is like what 0.50 maybe?

Another item in this box is a heart buffer (0.50 ??). Def fits the valentines day theme. The nail polish included in this box is Finger paints Art you kidding me a bright pink color ($4.29)
Also offered is the chain nail decoration ($2). This is pretty cool but as I am not very creative I am wondering if I have the patience to create a design with this?

The last thing that was is Love confetti (0.25). Yeah I don't really think I will use this either. Seems like too much work.

Overall, I was extremely disappointed with my first Nail Art Society box. While I was lucky to get the $9.95 subscription I def do not think its worth $20 the regular subscription box let alone $10. To me I would like things like a dotter, nail art pens, some cool designs and I did not get that in this box. I will give them one more month to step it up and if they don't I will prob cancel. Sad, I really wanted to like this Beauty subscription.

What do you think of this months box??

To check out the Nail Art Society Beauty Subscription click here

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Impala Nail Polish

I love me some Brazilian nail polish! But there hard to get because 1. I don't know any one and 2. It takes for ever to arrive! Wouldn't it be nice if we could get our hands on some of the most popular brazilian brands?

Today is your lucky day ladies! Impala has recently launched in the US!!


Impala polishes range in color and are 3-free and hypoallergenic!

Check out my swatches to three polishes in there collection!

The polishes I have for you today are na mira 3D, deitar na rede and pipa. All of these represent the different types of polishes -3D, glitter and regular polish colors that Impala has to offer   

Na Mira 3D is a holographic purple glitter polish! I wish the photo could show you how it looked like in real life because it looks amazing! Super sparkly! This was def my favorite of the three polishes I tried
Decitar na rede is a charcoal purple color with purple/blue shimmer to it.

Pipa is a beautiful coral color! Loved how it looked like with my skin tone and yeah another favorite! Plus it will look good with light or darker skin tones!

Overall, I am so excited to have access to a popular Brazilian nail polish company. No more long waiting for them to get shipped from Brazil or trying to find an international swap buddy anymore!!! I can't wait for it to make its way to Texas! Oh and I was checking out their website looking at their summer Tropicaliente collection! Um amazing!! I need to hit up some of my blogger friends on the East coast to keep any eye out for those babies!

Price $5.99
Where can you find these polishes? Right now they are available at select stores in NY, NJ, and FL or at their website

**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

Monday, February 25, 2013

Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express

I have seen reviews on brow stencils everywhere and thought it would be great to try out since I have never ever used them! Today I will be showing you the Beauty Express Kit for Brows and Eyes from Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Pluck too many eyebrow hairs? Or are they just not full enough? No problem! The beauty express kit will help you achieve nice full brows and plus you can use the colors as eyeshadows as well!

The Beauty Express kit comes in either Blonde or Brunette. As I am brown skinned with dark black hair I choose the Brunette kit for me!

Included in this kit is a the Brow Wax Cream, brown powder duo (in brunette), eyeshadow duo, stencils to fit any shape eyebrows and finally an angled

There are 5 stencils in this kit for a high, medium, slim high,petite and full arch. The variety should be good for most people.

To find what stencil fits you best simply hold it over your eyebrows to see which shape bests fits you. Its really hard to take a picture of you holding something up on your face so I apologize its not exactly on my eyebrow

After you find the perfect stencil get your angled brush and apply wax cream to your eyebrow. This will enable the brow powder to adhere to eyebrows for a long-lasting application. Then using your stencil and brush apply the powder on. I used the darker of the brunette duo because I have darker hair. Since it was my first time using this I put a lot of powder on and I have since seen you def don't need that much. Here is a comparison of my eyebrow normally on the left side and my eyebrow after using the brow powder on the right. Pretty big difference huh? The right def looks alot fuller and more shape to it. Oh yeah I was trying out different eye liner colors so pardon my blue and purple liners lol! I did not wear this out =)

Here is the final look I got with the Beauty Express kit when used on both eyebrows. Again, I put way too much powder on but wanted to just show you the amazing results you can get! If you have a lot of gaps in eyebrow hair, shorter eyebrows or you just want to add shape to it this kit is def for you!

Overall, I am so glad I got to try the kit it opened my eyes to something I never thought I needed! I def love the shape and final look it gave me although next time I know not to use that much powder! Kind of excited to get better at using this kit with more time and yeah pretty cool!

Price: $39.50
Where to find: Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom or Online

**disclaimer-this product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**

Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring Giveaway

Spring time is almost here! A bunch of bloggers and myself got together to throw a sweet spring giveaway! So throw out your old stash and maybe you will win some of these goodies to replace it with!

US only!

Giveaway closes 3/20/13

Good luck all!

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Anastasia Covet Eyeliner

I have always seen products from Anastasia Beverly Hills in my local Sephora so I was so excited to get the opportunity to review some products for them. The products I will be be reviewing today is the Covet Waterproof eye liners.

There are 5 different colors in this collection: Noir, Steel Vert, Astral, and Azure

Simply twist the liner at the top of the liner to bring out the liner. Liner glides on easy, is smudge proof

I usually only wear black eye liner but what I like about these is there all darker colors so I prob can still get a nice look with each. Since I am in Texas I have crappy allergies so my eyes are always watery now a days and finding a eyeliner to glide on my watery eyeline is even harder. These liners do go on still and have pretty good pigmentation
First of as you can see I did a quick swivel line but they have great pigmentation!

Noir is your regular black color. Can't go wrong with black!
Steel is a dark sgrey color. Now I don't usually wear grey eyeliner but it is really smokey so you can still achieve a great look
Vert is a metallic olive color! Perfect to wear for festive events like Mardi Gras or St. Patricks day. This color would probably look amazing with green eyes!
Astral looks grey on the box but it is actually a dark metallic green color
Azure is a navy blue color. But since its really dark I could def wear it.

After applying in the morning on both the top and bottom eyelid I noticed that the bottom didn't last as long as the upper eyelid but again I have extremely watery eyes so it could have just came off! The upper did last the whole day for me! My favorite colors are Noir of course black and I just really like Vert it is so pretty!

What color do you like the best?

 Price  $19.00
Where to find: Sephora, Ulta, Nordstroms or Online

**disclaimer-this product was provided for my 100% opinion**

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beauty Product Showdown Thursday

It is Beauty Product Showdown Thursday! This week I decided to do a lip theme! So without further adieu let's get this started!

Today's Beauty Battle is Tarte Lip Stain vs. Urban Decay's High Gloss Lip Color

Which one do you think will win the Beauty Product showdown?

Let's find out!

I normally have only 1 of each product with beauty product showdowns but since I have 3 of the tarte's I figured I could swatch them all here too. These lips stains are supposed to go on like a lip gloss but stay on like a stain.

The colors I got here were Enchanted, Charmed and Joy

Enchanted is a darker pink, Charmed is a rosy pink and Joy is a light orange-pink color. All look really shiny and wet as in good moisturizing.

Enchanted you can see a slight pink color but for some reason it wasn't going on my inner lip area. Weird!

Charmed added a little soft pink to my lips but nothing crazy

And finally Joy really didn't add anything to my lips except shine.

Our contender is the Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color.

For this review I only have Crush but I do have one other lip color I got in the Theodora palette here.

I accidently hit the lip color by accident which is why it looks ugly. =(.

As you can see crush is a bright pink color that is also really shiny.

They weren't lying this product is super pigmented! Amazing and like I said the one in the Theodora palette is just as pigmented! Amazing!

So I'm pretty sure you know who the winner is for the Beauty Product Showdown Thursday this week.
Hands down its..........


Urban Decay's Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color!!!! They are pigmented well, have amazing shine and last for a long time!! Def going to have to get more. Plus there cheaper!

Now I wish I could find a good deal to get some more!!!!!

Do you have two products you want to see in a future Beauty Product Showdown series? Comment below!

Want to check out either product?
Check out the links to each product below!

**disclaimer-these products were purchased by me**

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rimmel London New Beauty products

Hi all! Today I have reviews of some new products from Rimmel London! From lips, eyes to face products I was really excited to get to try these products out just for you guys!

The first two products I got to try was 2 of the new Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Collection Lipsticks

I love the case colors and slanted angle of these lipsticks.

The two matte colors I have is 110 and 102

Lipstick shots of 110 and 102. I love that there matte and have absolutely no glitter in them.

110 is a coral/pink color. Really cute, really shiny. I think this color will look good with light and brown skin tones.

102 is a lighter pink color. To me it was a little more streaky and I wasn't a big fan. It I had to chose between the two I would def choose the 110.

The Max Volume Flash mascara. The brush for the applicator is good and allows even distribution of mascara so you will have zero clumps. While this mascara is good at lengthening lashes I didn't think the volume properties were good enough to give me nice and thick voluminous lashes.

The next product I tried is the Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal eye liner in black

Not going to lie this eye liner was pretty freakin sweet for a drug store brand. It is really pigmented like other designer liners I used and lasts pretty long too! I was pretty impressed.

Rimmel London also has eyeshadow sticks that are like giant crayons to glide on smoothly. The color I treid was Bulletproof beige.

I just swiped it really quick but as you can see the color is a shimmery beige color. I should have tried it with a primer but the pigmentation is fairly well. I probably would use this as a shadow base but I wish I could see how the darker colors come off.

The last product I got to try is one I have not tried yet a BB cream. This BB cream does 9 jobs for this one product by priming, moisturizing pores, conceals, covers, smooths, mattifies, brightens, and helps protect to give a flawless natural finish

The consistency is so soft like whipped cream. A little of this product goes a long way to give a nice light layer on the face. I've been using this cream for over 2 weeks and it works great! No breakouts or nothing!

Overall, I enjoyed trying these new products and thought some were very good well others were okay.

Interested in checking out any of the products reviewed? Click here

**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**


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