Monday, February 25, 2013

Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express

I have seen reviews on brow stencils everywhere and thought it would be great to try out since I have never ever used them! Today I will be showing you the Beauty Express Kit for Brows and Eyes from Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Pluck too many eyebrow hairs? Or are they just not full enough? No problem! The beauty express kit will help you achieve nice full brows and plus you can use the colors as eyeshadows as well!

The Beauty Express kit comes in either Blonde or Brunette. As I am brown skinned with dark black hair I choose the Brunette kit for me!

Included in this kit is a the Brow Wax Cream, brown powder duo (in brunette), eyeshadow duo, stencils to fit any shape eyebrows and finally an angled

There are 5 stencils in this kit for a high, medium, slim high,petite and full arch. The variety should be good for most people.

To find what stencil fits you best simply hold it over your eyebrows to see which shape bests fits you. Its really hard to take a picture of you holding something up on your face so I apologize its not exactly on my eyebrow

After you find the perfect stencil get your angled brush and apply wax cream to your eyebrow. This will enable the brow powder to adhere to eyebrows for a long-lasting application. Then using your stencil and brush apply the powder on. I used the darker of the brunette duo because I have darker hair. Since it was my first time using this I put a lot of powder on and I have since seen you def don't need that much. Here is a comparison of my eyebrow normally on the left side and my eyebrow after using the brow powder on the right. Pretty big difference huh? The right def looks alot fuller and more shape to it. Oh yeah I was trying out different eye liner colors so pardon my blue and purple liners lol! I did not wear this out =)

Here is the final look I got with the Beauty Express kit when used on both eyebrows. Again, I put way too much powder on but wanted to just show you the amazing results you can get! If you have a lot of gaps in eyebrow hair, shorter eyebrows or you just want to add shape to it this kit is def for you!

Overall, I am so glad I got to try the kit it opened my eyes to something I never thought I needed! I def love the shape and final look it gave me although next time I know not to use that much powder! Kind of excited to get better at using this kit with more time and yeah pretty cool!

Price: $39.50
Where to find: Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom or Online

**disclaimer-this product was provided for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. I never bothered filling in my brows till the last few years and now I cant go a day (out) without doing it. Makes such a difference. This kit looks fabulous xx

  2. thanks for the comments love trying new stuff



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