Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Milani ColorStatement Lipsticks Part 2

Hey ladies! Got part two of the Milani ColorStatement for you all this evening! Today's them is all pinks! Pink is by far my favorite color so I am so happy to get to try out all the different types of pinks Milani has to offer in their new collection!

So lets get started!!

I love how the bag we got today also matched the color theme like the red lip bag I got in part one! It is so cute!! Also included is two more lip liners.

Isn't this rainbow of pinks lipstick bottle shots cute? So pretty that I might make it my wall paper lol! Love it!

The first four lipsticks I have are Flirty Fuchsia (FF), Flamingo Pose (FP), Hot Pink Rage (HPR) and Rose Hip (RH)

Color shots of FF, FP, HPR and RH

Swatches of FF, FP, HPR, and RH

Flirty Fuschia is a dark pink vinyl lipstick. When I first glanced at it it looked more red to me. Could be because of my natural lip color is more on the red side?

Flamingo Pose is a cream coral color. Really pretty! Def in my top favorite of the pinks.

Hot Pink Rage is a matte pink. Another one I likey!

Rose Hip is a brighter pink cream polish.

The last 3 pinks in the ColorStatement collection are Rose Armour (RA), Fruit Punch (FP), and Pink Frost (PF)

Color shots of RA, FP, and PF

Swatches of RA, FP, and PF

Rose Armour is a light creamy pink color! Kind of reminds me of the Nicki Minaj kind of color!

Fruit Punch first off love the name is a cream pink polish. This one is the most natural of all the pinks to me so you could def wear this to work.

Pink Frost is the only metallic pink lipstick in the collection. Although it looks really light on the swatch my natural lip color made it a lot darker. I actually like it now bc I thought it was going to be too light for me but its not as bad.

Here are two more lip liners #5 Haute Pink (HP) and #4 All natural (AL) both matte liners

Color shots of lip liners HP and AN

Swatches of the two liners. Both are really creamy and give amazing pigmentation. I need to start learning how to use liners!

Overall, love the variety of pink lipsticks there are in the Milani ColorStatement collection. There is a pink to satisfy everyones taste. And one random thing I noticed that I am not sure I mentioned in the other review is the smell of the lipsticks. It smells really good! The very first lipsticks I have like opened to smell lol!

 Want to check out any of the colors in this review or other colors in the collection? Check out Milani's COLORstatement Lipsticks Here or Liners Here 

Lipsticks available at any drug store: CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and Kmart
Price $5.99
Want to see swatches of the red/orange lipsticks in this collection? Check out my older post here

**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% opinion**


  1. They are all so pretty. I may need to find these online and order a few:) xx

  2. I love the Fruit Punch! :)

    Happy heart's day, love!

    xx, Cynthia



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