Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's day is almost here! What are you getting the man in your life??
This year will 6th Valentines day with my bf. Geez that's a lot of valentines days lol! My bf is a big cologne fan so I wanted to try out a bunch of popular brands to get my bfs opinion to help out all those out there struggling to find a gift!

Today I am reviewing four different mens colognes!

When it comes to colognes, my bf doesn't like heavy floral or heavy musk he likes it when both included but not overpowering one another.

The first two I want to talk about are Hugo Boss Night and Lacoste's Eau de Lacoste.
The night cologne mixes a little bit of musk with natural lavender and lemon leaves. Also included are cardomom and louro amarelo wood. My bf and I definitely agree this cologne has an amazing smell! Not too musky nor florally but just a hint of both! It is perfect for a night out with an amazing long lasting smell. I literally keep smelling my arm right now as I am typing it!

The second cologne is Lacaste's Eau de Lacoste. This one has a completely different type of ingredients which are infused more by spices. Some included are ginger, black pepper and an ingredient we seen earlier cardomom. When I first saw the spices I was like so your going to smell like some marinated meat lol! But This cologne def is his favorite of the four. Again you get the masculine musky smell with a hint of floral in it! Another one I kept smelling over and over again! Amazing!
The next two colognes I have for you today is the Hugo Boss for day fragrance the very first James Bond Frangrance. The Hugo Boss day cologne is very different than the night one. It is def more refreshing and florally! It contains spiced flowers with geraniums and a dab of cloves. This one doesn't have a musky smell to it and kind of smells sweet but in a masculine way. Bf didn't like and when I compared it to the Hugo Boss night cologne I def prefer that one.

The last cologne I have to talk about today is a new fragrance inspired by the James bond movies 50th anniversary. First off the bottle is really cool shaped like a flask. You twist the top for the top to go down instead of pulling it off like others. 007 is also etched on the bottle as well. This cologne is another more lighter one without the musk and more fresh and florally with crisp apple, sandalwood and lavender undertones. I liked it but my boyfriend wanted it more musky lol! And since this review is meant to give a guys perspective we will say that if your man likes a more refreshing florally smell than this is perfect. Also if you have any 007 fan this would be the perfect gift plus its limited edition.

Is the man in your life not really a cologne kind of guy? No problem! Here is another gift idea for the shaving loving man!
The Art of shaving is a 4 element product containing products to prevent ingrown hairs, razor burns, tough beards, and sensitive skin.

Products included in this gift box are unscented (hypoallergenic), contain sandal wood for normal to dry skin, hint of lemon for normal to oily skin and lavender. Each product should be used in order to achieve the perfect shave!

First step is to soften the beard while protecting the skin with the pre-shave oil. Next you lather up the skin with a glycerin based shaving cream to prepare for a close and comfortable shave.

While shaving you can use this brush to sweep away your hair to allow the razor to get a better precision and also so you don't clog up your razor with all the excess hair! And finally the after-shave balm to help sooth and refresh the skin following shaving!

I really enjoyed the box and think it would be a great gift for those who shave on a weekly basis. My bf on the otherhand get's little hairs here and there but for someone like my dad I think it would make a great gift! Kits also come in different fragrances such as sandalwood, ocean kelp, lemon, and even unscented!

Overall, I hope I gave you some great gift ideas for the man in your life! Have a wonderful Valentine's day and I hope your men enjoy their gifts!

To check out any of the colognes or shaving kit check out the links here or visit any of the listed stores.
Hugo Boss Bottled Night Price-$67 here or at Nordstrom (N), Sephora (S), Ulta (U) and other specialty retailes Lacoste Eau de Coste Price $62 here or at Bloomindale's, Macy's, Dillards or other Specialty retailers
Hugo Boss Day Price $67 here or at N, S, U, O
007 Fragrance Price-$40 here or at Kohl's
The 4 elements of the Perfect Shave Full Size Kit Price-$100 available here or any department and specialty store or grooming web site.

**disclaimer- these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**

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