Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beauty Product Showdown Blushes Stila vs. Stila

Good evening all! Guess what time it is? Beauty Product Showdown

Today's theme is blushes and I decided to mix it up this time and look at two types of blushes from the same company to see which one is better a cream or powder blush?

You guys ready to rumblllleeeeee?

This weeks contender in the red trunks is Stila Convertible Color in Poppy 
The defender in the black trunks is Stila Custom color blush in coral


The convertible color is a cream based blush in poppy.

It comes off really smoothly and is a darker pink almost red color. When applied to the cheek I noticed it concentrates really heavily on the area you first apply it to. With that you don't really get a uniform layer of blush on cheeks. I also tried using a brush to help me but found the same results. This blush does wear long!

The stila custom color in coral is a shimmery powder blush

It is a peachy coral color with a hint of shimmer to it. Like Poppy, Coral comes out really smoothly and has great pigmentation to it. When used with a blush brush you can achieve a uniform layer across the entire cheek bone. I am not a big fan of shimmery so I can appreciate that it is no overwhelmingly glittery! The blush does last all day.

When taking into account the pigmentation, easy application, longevity, and ability to get a uniform layer of blush on your cheeks.

 The winner of the beauty product showdown blushes...

Stila custom color powder blush in Coral!! I want a blush that will be applied evenly with less work! One with good pigmentation and hands down this one will do the job!

**disclaimer- these products were purchased by me**



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