Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beauty Product Showdown Urban Decay vs. Benefit Cosmetics

You know what time it is??

It's Beauty Product Showdown time where I try two products to see which one would win in a face-off beauty style!


For this weeks showdown I decided to do the blush theme again but this time look at two different brand's products that are very similar to see which is better!

You guys ready to rumble??

I know I am...Let's go!

The contender of the  beauty product showdown in the coral trunks is the Benefit Fine one-one a sheer brightener for cheeks and lips

On the other side of our ring, in the brown trunks is Urban Decays Naked Flushed Palette.
Fine one-one is meant to give your cheeks an instant lift, shape and pop, Fine one-one uses pink champagne as a highlighter, sheer watermelon as a blush color and soft coral as a bronzer

It's extremely easy to use, all you do is rotate the stick up kind of like a deodorant a little bit and starting with the inner cheek bones I swipe the stick outward towards my ears.

Here you can see the highlighter at top (very light), the blush and the coral color. Then using a upward circular motion I gently blend in each color individually first from the inner cheeks to my temple. Once I do that I blend the three layers as well to get a nice cool blush.

The Naked Flushed Palette consists of a silky bronzer, highlighter and blush. As you can see it is extremely similar to the the Fine one-one stick. I did the exact same thing with this one except I had to apply each seperately. I started off with the bronzer on my lower cheek bone area and applied a layer on my cheeks. Next I followed in the middle with the blush. At the very top of my cheeks I added the highlighter on. I started in the center of my face and did an upward circular motion towards my temple.

For the life in me I could not get the bronzer to swatch on my skin well. I also couldn't see it well on my skin tone (I am brown skin toned). The blush is extremely pigmented so just tap off the excess blush if you want more of a lighter pink color. The highlight was like a light pink shimmery color. Very pretty as well!


When comparing the two wearing Benefit one day and Urban Decay the other. If the two were in a boxing match no doubt in my mind

the winner would be...

Benefits Fine one-one. A big determining point was the bronzer. It just wasn't showing up good on my skin tone despite trying to put lots of layers. I also just love how the product is a stick very unique. I like the colors better on here and how they have a hint of shimmer to them! I don't need to carry any makeup brushes with me I was able to achieve the look with my finger. Both products are the same price so that was def not a determining factor to me I simply choose the winner based on overall results.

Sorry Urban decay =( The highlighter was nice and the blush was really pigmented but that bronzer is very chalky and just not well pigmented at all.

Which one do you like better?
Price: $30.00
Purchase online
Benefit Cosmetics
Urban Decay

or any Ulta, Sephora or beauty store that sells it

**disclaimer-both products were purchased by me**


  1. Great post! I wanna try Fine One-One myself... But I find it a little extra expensive at 32euros.

    xx, Cynthia

  2. Oh man that is much more expensive over there Cynthia!

  3. Finish One One looks like an awesome highlighter to use.
    Boutique Bag Lady



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