Thursday, February 7, 2013

Benjabelle Brush Tree

As a biologist I know about all the bacteria can grow on things like makeup brushes. I am trying to get in the habit of washing my brushes weekly. It doesn't take a long time to do it but I would take up lots of room in my bathroom laying down paper towels on my radio and other objects so I could lean my brushes to dry. Of course bc they were at an angle the bottom would always be wet still and take a few days to dry. Nothing is worse than having your favorite brushes wet still and you have to wait to use them! Then I heard about the brush tree by Benjabelle. Consisting of a stand with little holes in it, you can place your brushes to dry evenly while letting excess water fall by gravity! You know I had to test it bc if it would save me time it would be worth it!

Bc I am a girly girl I went for the pink brush tree. I didn't realize how tall it is but of course that is what makes it convenient for the larger blush and foundation brushes.

The brush tree has 14 slits in it that can hold 1 big brush or multiple smaller brushes.

After washing my brushes with a brush cleanser I simply hung all my brushes overnight. I think it was about 8pm on a Sunday night and I tested my favorite blush kabuki, some eyeliner brushes, foundation brush, foundation kabuki, and a foundation big brush. The next morning at around 6:30 am I wanted to see how the brushes dried and was shocked to find that my kabuki's were completely dried! Yes dried! I was soooo thrilled and threw them in my work bag so I could do my makeup at work!

 Overall, the brush tree by Benjabelle is pure genius. I can't believe no one has thought of it before. Gravity allows water to fall off brushes and they dry evenly. This will save time and sanity! One thing I would love to see is a brush tree with thinner slits for smaller brushes so you can do one in each slit instead of trying to put a bunch in one slit! But seriously I think all makeup lovers should own this!

What do you think of the brush tree?

The Brush tree comes in 3 colors: black, pink and white
Price $34.95
Want to check out the brush tree check out Benjabelle's site Here

**disclaimer-this product was provided for my 100% opinion**


  1. I have wanted one for a while now but after this post Im wanting one even more xx

  2. It is really cool guys! Thanks for the comments!



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