Thursday, March 29, 2012

GlitterDaze Simply Spring Collection Swatches

This is my first swatch so I apologize in advance for how horrible they looks. Promise as I practice they will look better. Also I put 2 coats on my first swatch and realized it was still slightly opaque so I used 3 coats for the remainder colors. This is the Simply Spring Collection for GlitterDaze on Etsy. The collection consists of 5 colors: Flirtini, Sex on the Beach, April Rain, Minty Mojito, and Parfait Amour. 

 Flirtini is a pastel pink polish which is gorgeous. It contains different glitter colors including: pink, blue, silver, and purple. I wish I would have put another coat bc as you can see it is still a bit opaque. Pink is by far my favorite color and this polish so this polish is beautiful.

The next color in this collection is Sex on the Beach. This orange/gold color contains pink and gold glitters in it. I'm not a big fan of orange but this color is can def wear this one. 

The 3rd color in this collection is April Rain. This is a like turquoise but a sea turquoise if that makes sense lol...and contains different shades of blue/green glitter in it. Kind of like a mermaid kind of color. 

The fourth color and my favorite is Minty Mojito. It's a pastel green with different varities of gold and green glitter. It's so bright and so pretty. I was scared bc I'm tan how it would look but it is so gorgeous. 

The final color in this collection is Parfait Amour. This is pastel purple with different shades of silver, gold, and pink glitter. 

Overall I am satisfied with my first Etsy order. I got mini's of this collection as I have never bought polishes before and was a little scared I might not like them. These colors are so pastel and packed with glitter. Can't wait to get my next paycheck and get some other polishes I saw a pink, coral, and redish color with mine name on it!

Price: $8.50 (12.5) or $4.50 (5 ml)

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