Thursday, March 29, 2012

Organizing My Mac Shadows

 Call it spring cleaning if you may but I get tired of having to search through all my mac shadows I've gotten to find the color I'm looking for (I have 65 mac shadows). I'm an organized freak so I decided enough is enough and decided to depot of my shadows and replate them in palettes. I'm also super color anal so of course I put them in palettes based on there colors. That way if I want a dark green but can't remember the name I will just open my green palette. I even tried to put the colors from darker shade to lighter lol. Mac sells palettes for $16 (15-wells) and that was just to much for me so I ordered them from my new favorite makeup spot, Coastal Scents. Here is how I depoted my shadows.

Step - Right where you open your shadow there is a little slit. (Wish I would have taken a picture of that) I stuck a knife or you can put your fingernail but I just painted mine in between there and separate the case from the top portion containing the shadow as seen below.

Step 2- Next you will using a hair straightener melt the glue that holds the eyeshadow pot to the black holder. I put my straightener to 300. You can also put your shadow on a piece of foil on the straightener as well. I watched the shadow very carefully as I didn't want to melt the holder. When I started seeing a thin space between the pot and holder or when I seen that the pot lifted off a bit I knew it was ready. You have to make sure its ready bc if you don't you can potentially break your eye shadow as your prying it out. 

Notice the space you can see in this example between the shadow and pot. It should look like this. I then took a knife and slowly wiggled the shadow until it came out. 

I then lifted the pot out with my knife without touching it (extremely hot). I haven't done the last step but I am going to super glue the bottom so it will stay in place or what others have done is get magnet paper that is at any Office Max/Depot and attach it to the bottom of the pot so it will stick to the palette. 

Here how the final product looks and I did this for all my shadows. You can see the the bottom green on the second row what happens when you try to take the pot out when the glue isn't completely melted. Once you try it a couple of times you will get the hang of it. 

Palette- $5.95 (12-well)
Where to find them:

And now that I have 65 empty cases I will be taking them for the Back to Mac promotion and get 10 new shadows, lipsticks or glosses. Can't wait! Decided to be nice and let my baby sister pick 5 things since her Bday is in April.


  1. that is seriously the most brilliant idea ever!!!

  2. Thank you! I hated looking through all my shadows for that one green shadow I have and thought it would be sooo much easier to make pink, purple, green, blue and black/grey palettes! Very convenient!



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