Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Favorite Facial Cleansing Wipes

I love wearing either dark or brightly pigmented eyeshadows which don't just come off with any removing wipes. I use to use the MAC but $15 for 30 sheets would get used up quite quickly. I was on a mission to find a cheaper yet good quality facial cleansing wipe. 

My first try dirt cheap wipes. I went to try Target's Up & Up wipes which are 10 sheets for $0.99. Please don't ever try these wipes. First of all, the material of these wipes start to come apart. Secondly, for some reason my eyes would burn a little when I wiped it on my eyes. And Lastly, I was literally having to rub the heck out of my eyes to get my makeup off.

The next wipes I tried were the Clean & Clear wipes that I got at my local CVS. OMG! These wipes are amazing. You don't have to wipe hard to get your makeup. Even the dark smokey black eye shadow you had on will come off easily. They have a nice scent to them as well. And most of all they don't irritate my eyes. Overall, I love this wipes and am def going to use these from now on. 

Price $7.99 But I stock up when CVS has a B1G1 50% off and I usually have coupons to use as well. 
Last time I got 2 packs for $8.00 what a steal! And they have 25 wipes in each pack. 

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