Friday, February 1, 2013

Jindie Nails Swatches

I have not done an indie review for a while! I miss buying my indie nail polishes! Here is my first ever swatches of two polishes from the indie nail polisher Jindie Nails!

I know what your going to say already! Yes I love me my white polish with glitter in it. I can't help it I just love all the different colors you can do with it.

Wanna see the two polishes I got.
Bottle shots!

U got burrrberry and Barbies have more fun

Burrrberry is a creamy white based polish with pink and turquoise small and big hex glitters.

Don't these colors look amazing together! I mean seriously love the color combination.

Tell me this polish doesn't look gorgeous! It took two coats to get full coverage but I added another bc I love a lot of glitter on each nail! So pretty!!

The other polish I got was Barbies have more fun!

Two of my favorite colors put together in one: pink and black! I am not a punk girl but I just love the two colors together. This is also a creamy white color with small/large hex glitters in it.

Kind of looks like cookies and creme except girly huh? Or even mint chip! Whatever it is they look great together! Now I have a bf but if I didn't I would totally rock this on Valentines day at my friends Valentines day is for Suckas party lol!

Overall, I love the consistency (not goopey or chunky glitter), love how fast the colors dry, love the color combinations of glitters that go so well together. Basically I just them! So I def will be trying more polishes from Jindie Nails!!

What are some other good polishes from Jindie Nails? I would love to know your opinion!!

Want to check out these polishes or see what other ones Jindie's Nails have to offer? Check out her

**disclaimer- these polishes were bought by me **



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