Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nail Art Society Feb Box

Here it is my very first Nail Art Society Box.

 Ready to see what I got?

Each month you get a little card with different ways to use the products you receive. I really like this idea bc I am one of those people who can't even draw a stick figure so you can only imagine how my nail art would look right lol! On the back it gives step by step instructions on how to create one of the looks! Def a great idea! 

Here is a shot of everything that was included in this box.

The first thing in the box is nail art stickers to place on your nails. Its really hard to tell but I think there flowers?? Not really sure. And price wise I guess this is like what 0.50 maybe?

Another item in this box is a heart buffer (0.50 ??). Def fits the valentines day theme. The nail polish included in this box is Finger paints Art you kidding me a bright pink color ($4.29)
Also offered is the chain nail decoration ($2). This is pretty cool but as I am not very creative I am wondering if I have the patience to create a design with this?

The last thing that was is Love confetti (0.25). Yeah I don't really think I will use this either. Seems like too much work.

Overall, I was extremely disappointed with my first Nail Art Society box. While I was lucky to get the $9.95 subscription I def do not think its worth $20 the regular subscription box let alone $10. To me I would like things like a dotter, nail art pens, some cool designs and I did not get that in this box. I will give them one more month to step it up and if they don't I will prob cancel. Sad, I really wanted to like this Beauty subscription.

What do you think of this months box??

To check out the Nail Art Society Beauty Subscription click here


  1. I cancelled my subscription this month (I was at the lower price). I joined after being impressed with the feather look they put together the first month but the looks have been increasingly tacky, imo, and not something I would ever put on my nails. I liked the Finger Paint polish we got but c'mon, I can get that at Sally's.

    Have you tried Square Hue?

  2. Definitely not worth the money lol, I agree, half these things I wouldn't use

  3. I am looking into square hue Michelle and Steamy nails yeah i prob wont use them either sadly! Thanks for the comments!



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