Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Essence Cosmetics

Before I moved to Texas I only shopped at Sephora and never set foot in an Ulta store. My Ulta in CA stunk really bad, I thought they only carried drug store beauty products that I could get at any retailer like Target. But when I moved to Texas that was the closest beauty store to me and I really grew to like and appreciate the brands it offered that I didn't see at Sephora. One of these is the Essence, a extremely affordable German based Cosmetic Company. Today I have to share with you products in the Winter 2012 Collection.

The first product I tried was the XXXL Shine lip gloss in Big Night Out ($2.49)

Doesn't this swatch show how shiny this gloss is? It is a nude color with lots of shimmer to it.

The color is very natural on and makes lips extremely sparkly. I am not a big fan of glitter but it is not as bad as other ones are. The texture is not goopy but a good consistency.

The next thing I got to try was the Liquid eyeliner ($3.29) in black.

I am def not good at applying liquid liner with the little brush applicator so I was so happy to see this thicker brush for the liner. It made applying the liner soooooo much easier and I recommend this type of liner for beginners bc you can get a pretty uniform line as opposed to using the thinner brush like applicator.

Pigment of the liner is pretty good and it isn't streaky or anything. Liner lasted my entire work day and when I was going to bed I noticed it started coming off on the inner top eyelid but most of them do anyways.

The final product I got to try was I love stage Eyeshadow base. Now I know most of you like myself love your Potion primer but for a college student that can be quite expensive. So you know I was excited to give this more affordable one.

It has the same brush applicator like the eye liner so it is very easy to apply the product onto your eyelids.

The base is a nude color and stays nude when you rub it in. Swatches of the Base alone, with a nude shadow and finally with the shadow alone. Didn't pick a really good color to show but the base does allow the shadow to be a little more pigmented.
When applied to my shadow it helps your shadow last all day long (UD Brown from Theodora Palette) Not bad right?

Overall, these products are def not bad. And for the amazing price that they are you can beat it? I def suggest for those of you who are on a tight budget to check out some of the products Essence has to offer! I am impressed and can't wait to head on over to Ulta to try some more of there products!

Want to check out any of the products reviewed today? Check them out at Essence's website or at your nearest Ulta

**disclaimer-These products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. I have found a few great products from this brand. That liner looks great:) xx

  2. I love essence! There's only one store near me that does it but I go out of my way to visit it when I can xo

  3. I do love Essence too and the fact that they are so affordable! Thanks for the comments ladies!



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