Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rimmel London New Beauty products

Hi all! Today I have reviews of some new products from Rimmel London! From lips, eyes to face products I was really excited to get to try these products out just for you guys!

The first two products I got to try was 2 of the new Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Collection Lipsticks

I love the case colors and slanted angle of these lipsticks.

The two matte colors I have is 110 and 102

Lipstick shots of 110 and 102. I love that there matte and have absolutely no glitter in them.

110 is a coral/pink color. Really cute, really shiny. I think this color will look good with light and brown skin tones.

102 is a lighter pink color. To me it was a little more streaky and I wasn't a big fan. It I had to chose between the two I would def choose the 110.

The Max Volume Flash mascara. The brush for the applicator is good and allows even distribution of mascara so you will have zero clumps. While this mascara is good at lengthening lashes I didn't think the volume properties were good enough to give me nice and thick voluminous lashes.

The next product I tried is the Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal eye liner in black

Not going to lie this eye liner was pretty freakin sweet for a drug store brand. It is really pigmented like other designer liners I used and lasts pretty long too! I was pretty impressed.

Rimmel London also has eyeshadow sticks that are like giant crayons to glide on smoothly. The color I treid was Bulletproof beige.

I just swiped it really quick but as you can see the color is a shimmery beige color. I should have tried it with a primer but the pigmentation is fairly well. I probably would use this as a shadow base but I wish I could see how the darker colors come off.

The last product I got to try is one I have not tried yet a BB cream. This BB cream does 9 jobs for this one product by priming, moisturizing pores, conceals, covers, smooths, mattifies, brightens, and helps protect to give a flawless natural finish

The consistency is so soft like whipped cream. A little of this product goes a long way to give a nice light layer on the face. I've been using this cream for over 2 weeks and it works great! No breakouts or nothing!

Overall, I enjoyed trying these new products and thought some were very good well others were okay.

Interested in checking out any of the products reviewed? Click here

**disclaimer-these products were provided for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. I have & love everything on this post except the BB Cream but Ive been eyeing it. Love Rimmel:) xx

  2. I just got into Rimmel london myself but so far loving it! Thanks for the comment!



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