Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Urban Decay The Great and Powerful Oz Theodora Pallette

Wow oh wow it was so hard to decide between the two Great and Powerful Oz inspired palettes do I get Glinda or Theodora?

In the end I decided to go with Theodora bc I love neutral shadows and felt like Glinda had more shimmery glitter colors and I prefer matte ones.

Ready to see what the colors in the Theodora palette look like?

The palette came in this nice aluminum case. Makes me think its more shielded so if I ever drop it. This palette comes with an eye liner as well as a Super Saturated High Gloss color.

The name of the gloss color is Theodora a bright blood red color.

Love the pigment and intense gloss it has.

The colors in this palette are:
  • Broken-a soft white/creme shadow which can be a perfect base shadow or can go underneath your eyebrow area to highlight
  • Beware-a light matte brown color which can go on the base of your lid or can serve as a base shadow for the darker brown colors
  • Bewitch- a darker chocolate satin color which can be used for the crease or good for a smokey look
  • West- dark metallic brown color which can also be used for the crease or smokey look
  • Spell- a duo shadow that has a black satin color with hints of green and gold shimmer and a gold metallic shadow
  • Jealous- a duo shadow with a pale pearl freen and darker pearl green color
  • An eyeliner in Zero (black)

Swatches of Zero Eyeliner, Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West, Spell (black satin on top and gold on bottom) and Jealous (darker green on top and lighter on bottom)

I used West on the crease, the lighter green on jealous and the gold metallic color in the inner lid from the Spell to achieve this look. All colors were pigmented well when used with the Urban Decay Primer and lasted all day.

My overall look look using the colors mentioned above along with the Zero eyeliner and Theodora High Gloss Color.

Overall, so glad I picked the Theodora palette bc I love the colors in this palette and love love the high gloss color it came with. Beautiful red!!!

Did you get the Glinda or Theodora palette? Do you love it??

Want to purchase this palette? Click on any of the links below or you can get it at most Ulta and Sephora stores.
Urban Decay Here
Ulta Here
Sephora Here

**disclaimer-this product was purchased by me**


  1. LOVE the palette, great colors and combo of matte and shimmer. You did a wonderful job with your make up. Great inspiration.

  2. This looks like a great palette.

  3. I waaaant!! But it is not yet available in Sephora France! :/


  4. I got both... the Theodora first and I have Glinda in the mail. SO EXCITED



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