Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beauty Product Showdown Thursday-Mascara

It's Beauty Product Showdown Thursday. Todays theme is Mascara!

Now, let's see who are contestants are...

Today's match is a drug store brand vs a high end brand.

Who do you think will win?

So without further adieu,

On the left hand corner we have Benefit's They're real mascara ($23). Made with a jet black formula, This mascara's formula won't smudge or dry out and enables last long while lengthening, curling, volumizing, lifting and seperating lashes. Benefit says you will see 94% increase in length and volume, 90% base to tip curl, 94% visible life, and 100% long lasting results!

After wearing this mascara for over a week I can def agree it is amazing. The first time I applied it I showed my bf my lashes and told him how do they look. He was like wow that looks like the false lashes I have and I said yeah but these are real baby! lol. I love mascaras that make your lashes not only longer but thicker and this def does the job. At the end of the day my mascara is not dry and clumpy and in fact is still a little soft (good bc I use to pull out my dried mascara and some lashes along with it). The brush is amazing and prevents lots of excess mascara from getting in my lashes so no clumps!!

The challenger is Covergirl. One of the more popular drug store brands, Covergirls lash blast mascara will give lashes a bold, intense volume for up to 24 hours with 0 smudges.

After wearing this mascara for a week as well. I def saw big differences in the two. First of all I hated the brush on here! It was thicker took up more excess mascara and I had to apply carefully to avoid getting clumps. It is fairly good in lengthening but definitely not as good as the Benefit mascara. As far as volumizing goes I didn't think it was super great at making my lashes thick. Again, as compared to the Benefit mascara it didn't do better at all! And by the end of the day my lashes were flat (sorry didn't get a picture).

So after trying each mascara in intervals for two weeks (1 day They're real the next day Lash blast and so on)...the winner hands down



Benefit's They're real Mascara!


I know its more pricey but if your lashes can look this good at the end of the day without even curling them at all then I def think its worth it. I am all about volume and lenthening for my lashes and Benefit's They're real Mascara does both!!!

To check out any of the mascara's in this weeks Beauty Product Showdown please click on either of the two links: Benefit Here
 Covergirl Here

Do you have a products you want to see in a future Beauty Product Showdown post? Please let me know in the comments! I would love to see what things you all are interested in!

**disclaimer-these products were purchased by me**


  1. I LOVE THESE POSTS! And I agree - benefit kicks butt!

  2. So happy you like the posts Jessica!! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Ive never tried the one by Cover Girl ( I have been asked/bought it for 2 swaps) but I do really like Benefits They're Real:)

    Sara x



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