Friday, January 25, 2013

Verity Nail Polish

Remember the polishes I randomly found at a beauty supply store? Well here are the swatches to them! I only got two because I had never heard of them and they were only $1.50 each so I thought they weren't going to be that great quality.

The two colors I picked was Hot bubble gum and Lite orange. There were lots of pastel polishes and bright neon one's by Verity that I was ahhhed by but since I never tried them and bc I couldn't bring too many on my carry on back home to Texas I only got these.

Hot bubble gum is exactly how it sounds a bright bubble gum pink color. It only took two coats to achieve this look and I also added a top coat. Both coats dried extremely fast and gave a pretty good uniform layer.

I was surprise how Lite Orange looked on my skin! I loved it! Like seriously loved it.

Man oh man I wish I had a bigger suitcase! Seriously $1.50 for these and the color is amazing. Dang! Now to find a place in Dallas to buy some or even to find the company site! I wish I had links but when I googled I only seen them sold at Ebay. Does anyone know where they are sold at? If I could show you how amazing the other colors looked I would. They were amazing! Instead I am left with questions on how the heck I can get more of these amazing polishes! Sad Face

**disclaimer- these polishes were purchased by myself**


  1. Such cute colours

  2. Lite Orange looks awesome! Is it close to Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze?

  3. I live in Miami and I googled nail supply in my area. I came up with 2 closest to me. At the larger 1 they stocked the Verity brand. Now that I see your swatches I feel confidant in buying them. I can only imagine you can do the same for your area in Dallas. Its a big city so there should be plenty of nail supply places. If not... maybe we can do nail swaps :3 lemme know.

  4. You can buy them online at



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