Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mac Lipsticks

I absolutely love Mac's recycling policy! I mean where else can you turn in some old eye shadow pots for free lipstick? When I converted moved all my individual pots to a palette I had enough to get about 10 lipsticks. Since I am a nice sister I gave a majority to my sister bc I can afford to buy them if I need them. These are the three I got. 


Mac Red, Lickable and Bombshell

Bottle shots of the lipsticks! Decided to get a variation of pinks and a red!

Here is a swatch on my arm with Mac Red, Lickable and Bombshell.

Mac Red is a nice matte blood red. Love the shine it gives and the color is so pigmented. This color will look good with light or darker skin color. Can't wait to wear this when I go out!

Lickable is a coral/pink kind of color with a hint of shimmer in it. It is absolutely gorgeous in person! Even with brown skin you can def pull this color off!

For those of you looking for a more natural Bombshell is a more subtle color you can wear during the day. It adds a little bit of pink to my lips and isn't too dramatic.

Overall, I love the pigment, longevity, shininess and overall look of each of the lipsticks I got. Each one could be worn for different occasions! Mac always rocks with lipstick as usual! It is so funny how I have gotten into the whole lipstick scene which I never did before. I use to be scared I would put it on, get it on my teeth and not notice it and smile with lipstick teeth. But I am slowly getting more confident with it and really enjoy wearing it!

Want to see find these Mac lipsticks or others they have to offer? Check out their website here !

**These products were purchased by me**


  1. I love back 2 mac!! These are great colors!

  2. You chose some really lovely shades. I only have a small selection of mac lipsticks, I really dont wear them as much as I should really! Will be digging those out of the collection!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. I def love Bac to Mac and so glad I got really cool colors. Starting to get better at picking lipsticks! thanks for all the comments guys!

  4. Creamsheen isn't the name of that color, it's the type of finish. The color is Lickable and it's a creamsheen finish, like the M.A.C. Red says it's a satin finish and Bombshell is a frost finish.



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