Wednesday, January 9, 2013 Beauty Products

I got a few products from to try it. You should def check out their site as they are getting rid of the products they sale and everything is 60%.

The first product I got was a Megan Miller Polish ($12.00) in Champagne. First off aren't the bottle's cute? They remind me of Pirates of the Carribean. Love the design and think it would make a really cute gift.

The polish I got was Champagne a shimmery gold color. My swatch is with 2 coats but I prob should have applied another one. The polish dries quick and is pretty good.

The next products are the lip balm from Mor in Lycee and Cassis Noir.

Both of these products smell absolutely amazing they have a nice light texture, give good shine and mositurize your lips well.
The next thing I tried was the blow pro Styling Mist ($30). Just spray a little of this before you blow dry your hair and it will detangle and leave your hair with a great shine. Plus, it tames the frizz in your hair. Lovely!

The final product I got to try was a Cargo eye shadow palette in Los Angeles ($30).

This palette had a lot of blue/green colors probably not the best colors people would wear as I know lots of people are scared of blue. The first thing I noticed was the shadow is very crumbly. Make sure you apply some powder underneath your eyes that will catch the excess shadow or you will leave behind a yucky mess.

I used the green color on my lid and the purple/blue color on my crease. The blue prob wouldn't have looked very good on me and I really wasn't feeling like doing the Mimi look.

Honestly, for $30 I probably wouldn't ever get this palette. Maybe it was just this one or maybe Cargo just doesn't have good palettes. This was the first time I tried it so I def didn't get a good first impression.

Overall, I liked the Megan Miller polish, the MOR lip balm and the styling mist but wasn't a fan Cargo palette.

Have you tried any of these products?

**disclaimer-these products were provided to me by for my 100% honest opinion**

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