Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Duality Cosmetics Nail Pak

Afternoon ladies! You know I love trying new product you have never heard of! Today I would like to introduce you to the Nail Pak by Duality. Ever chip/break your nails really bad at work and wish you would fix it but 1.) You don't have any nail polish remover 2.) You have no nail file! Well with the Nail Pak your problem is solved. This new patented 3-in-1 nail care system helps you remove, file and polish! This unique and portable nail system is patented in an easy, convenient package. 
Each Dual pak includes a polish on the top half that is connected to a black holder for the nail file as well as 40 pre-soaked non-acetone pads below it. 

Separating the Nail file and pads is extremely easy. Notice on the top picture their is a little black tab on covering the nail file all you do is move it up and using your nails pop the nail file off.  

This will then expose the pre-soaked non-acetone pads perfect for removing that chipped/damaged nail.  And now that you removed the polish you just need to repaint your nail.  

Here is a swatch of one of the colors in the Duality Nail Pak Collection, Ellen. It is a light blue/green color. Doesn't it look so pretty in the sun?

Overall, I think this is the coolest nail invention ever. I mean it is so convenient and you don't have to haul around all these individual components when you can just pop this right in your purse. You have everything you need to do a quick touch up or complete repair. There are 18 polishes in this collection and I don't know about you but I am excited to see what other things Duality will create. We certianly are moving forward with technology as it relates to nail care and I for one am def going to get some more of these Nail Paks.

Price: $20
Want to find out more about this company and learn more about their products? Visit any of the their social websites!

**Disclaimer- These products were provided to me for my 100% honest opinion**



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