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June Bloom Ambassador Box is an exclusive online social beauty store that gives you personalized product recommendations based on their beauty matches. You can cannot with friends to see what types, shades and fav products are in their beauty cabinets as well as check out hundreds reviews to some of today's hottest products. I have been fortunate to get choses as a beauty ambassador. Each month I receive some products including some not out for the public yet to review. I review all these products monthly to show you some amazing products out their on Blooms website. Another awesome thing about is with each purchase you receive 10% rewards or bloom bucks back for future purchases.

Check out what I got to review this month!

Here is all the products I got in this month's box that will each be discussed below (The final product to the right was provided this month but will be tested by me over the next 3 months-Keep an eye out for that review in Sept!)

The first thing I got to check out was samples of two eye shadow palettes by Stila.

The first palette is In the garden which contains a lot of natural beige, brown, and green colors.

The second one is in the moment, a shadow with lots of purple and natural brown colors. I used this one to create my look.
I started off with a prime then used Instinct, light shimmery white color to the far white to add some shimmer to my upper eybrow area. Then I got Impulse the top second shadow, a light lavender color and using an all over brush padded that along my entire eyelid area. Then using Glance, the top third shadow, a grape color and using a crease brush sweeped it across my entire crease area. Finally I used the top fourth color, Improvise a darker purple color to rub over the edges of my eyelids. I then put eyeliner and mascara.

Here is my final look with the Stilla In the Moment palette.

Overall, I love how the palette have specific colors that they concentrate well together but the variation in the color are big. There are so many different purples and its cool to create a look based on all the diff kinds. The shadow lasted all day long and the pigmentation was great.

The next thing included in my ambassador box is Kaia Bamboo facial Cleansing cloths.

Made with 8 plant based essential oils, organic Canadian honey, sunflower oils and Vitamin's B12, C, and E these cloths cleanse, tone and remove all traces of makeup naturally. They contain no alcohol and synthetic fragrances so they are 100% biodegradable.
I removed half of my makeup with the Kaia cloth and to assess how the cloth worked. Here is my face with no makeup after wiping with the cloth and my makeup still on the righr side.  I then compared it with a department store facial cleanising cloth.

As compared to the department store facial cloth I felt that the Kaia was definitely refreshing and didn't have a harsh chemical smell like my department store wipe. It made my skin very mositurized and soft after unlike my department store wipe which made my face feel a little rough. My skin was not irritated by the wipe which is great. I did have to wipe it my eyes to get my mascara out but it did remove it all after the extra wipes with no trace of my eyeliner, shadow or mascara. I didn't like how small the wipe was and wish it would be a little bit bigger. But I love that each wipe was packaged individually which is great bc when using my department cleansing cloth they dry out pretty easy so I end up wasting some.

Overall, I would def use these wipes on the go as the individual packaging makes them so convenient. Its light and not harsh on my face.

The next product in my box was a very unusal product called Flirty Little Secret, a firming Bronzer containing phermones.
As I am already brown it is very rare for me to find a bronzer that doesn't make my skin look orange so of course I wasn't really looking forward to trying this product. I was pleasantly surprise when it on for the first time. Honestly it made my skin look super model color-the brown with a light a shimmer. I liked how my skin looked with this bronzer on and wore it everyday last week. It dries extremely quickly so you don't have to worry about it smearing everywhere. As far as more attraction from guys, I can't def conclude I got more attention bc I work with all girls.

Overall, if you want a nice natural bronze like J-lo I def recommend this product. It will give you a nice color without looking fake brown.

The final surprise in my ambassador box was this little gold box from Pacifica.

Inside was a bunch of lotions, lip glosses and a purfume. I wish you were here to smell the box the first time I opened it, it was amazing!

The 3 lotions I got were: Tuscan Blood Orange, Coconut Crushed Pearl and Indian Coconut Nectar. All of the lotions felt great on the skin, were unique flavors, and kept my arms/hands mositurized all day long. Blood orange was def a lotion I never heard of. Not a fan of orange when it comes to beauty product, this was def a interesting sweet smell but not too orangy. The coconut Crushed pearl was a bronzing lotion like the Booty Parlor but it was a lot lighter color and didn't add too much to my natural skin tone. It did have a slight shimmer as well. The last and my favorite was the Indian Coconut Nectar. I really love the unique combination of ingredients of this lotion. It def smelled unlike any other lotion. Even my bf liked the smell of it.
The next thing I got was two Color Quench Lip Tints in blood orange and coconut nectar. Both smelled just like their lotions I reviewed. Blood orange was a nice natural tint for my lips while the coconut nectar provided me a more beige color with a shimmer to it. It looked pretty good with my brown skin tone. Def a great summer color. The Lip Quenches are both made out of a bunch of vitamins and essential oils to help mositurize your lips while helping to soften them. I def like the color of the coconut nectar one as it was great with the bronzing powder I applied as blush. Def looked nice and tan and shimmery!

The last thing included in this box was the Island Vanilla Perfume. I hate hate hate Vanilla flavor. It gives me a headache so I was def not looking forward to try this purfume. But honestly it doesn't smell like the vanilla perfume I have smelled. It's light and has a more natural flavor with a hint of flower to me. And for me to admit that I liked a vanilla spray I would have to really like it bc Vanilla just isn't my fav flavor. I would def wear this.

Overall, I really enjoyed all the products I got to try for the first time. I def want to go and get the stila palettes and can't wait to use all of my products in the coming days. I love being a Bloom ambassador so I can let you know all about some amazing products. Interested in checking out/purchasing any of the products reviewed here?

Check out their Website to learn more! I have also provided the individual links of all the products in the order I described them! Hope you enjoyed learning about all these products. Can't wait to see what I get next month. Do you have anything on that you would like to see reviewed? I def want to hear about those products so I can provide suggestions to Bloom.coms Ambassador Representative!

**Disclaimer- These products were provided to me for my 100% honest opinion**

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