Monday, June 4, 2012

Godefroy Mascara Warmer

Starting off solely as a hair product distributor, Godefroy started off in France before quickly sweeping the US. Now-a-days, Godefroys aims to provide salons with some of the most innovative products out there. So when I got the chance to review their Mascara warmer I just had to see and try it!

The mascara warmer works with all types of mascara and by warming it decreases the amount of clumps while helping to create nice curl. You simply plug it in your outlet leave your mascara in the holder for around 5 minutes, I usually plug it in when I get out of the shower. 

When you pull the mascara out it is warm to the touch and you can def feel it warm when you start applying it. Don't worry its not really warm where you would burn your eyelids or anything! I first close my eyes and comb my eyelashes from the lid out then open my eyes and using a seesaw motion slowly move from my inner area outward. 

I loved the feeling of applying warm mascara. I could def notice a difference in the consistency of it as I was applying the mascara. It was easier to brush it on and the mascara was applied so smoothly. I also did notice that my lashes did curl a little more up than usual eliminating the use of a lash curler for me!

I have to be honest that I was extremely skeptical but was shocked when I didn't get clumpy mascara like I usually do. And like I mentioned I love the feeling of putting warm mascara as it seemed to just apply a lot smoother on my lashes. It's amazing how something so simple like warming up mascara can make such a HUGE difference. It def is staying plugged in my bathroom so it can be used from now on!

Want to see what other unique products Godefroy has to offer or do you want to purchase the Mascara Warmer? 

Price: $19.95

**Disclaimer- These products were provided to me for my 100% honest opinion**



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