Monday, June 4, 2012

Entity Pearl Enamel Collection

Entity Beauty is a beauty distribution company specializing in nail products. Check out their newest Pearl Enamel Collection consisting of Seven bold colors that shimmer, sizzle and shine.

This collection consists of 7 polishes which include:
Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow,

Green, Blue, and violet

Check out my swatches of each of these colors!

Summer makes me think of ice cream. So of course this red color reminds me of the cherry that tops it! It is so shiny you don't even need a top coat! 2 coats was all I needed to achieve this look.

Fuschia is a pretty shimmery pink color. Makes me think of strawberry ice cream.

It wouldn't be summer without the sun! Check out this amazingly shimmery orange polish that looks AWESOME in the sun!

When I see this yellow it makes me think of a banana now-n-later candy, my favorite! It isn't too bright, it is very shimmery and looks great with brown skin.

Summer means State Fairs which means Candy apples! This green color reminds me of a candy apple.

Clear skies or beautiful water is what summer is all about and when I look at this turquoise color I def see summer. I wish I had a white color bc then I would have sponged on some clouds and I guarantee it would have looked cool. 

When it's hot outside I start craving fruits, especially grapes. This violet color def reminds me of the purple grape. And it looks so shiny in the sun!

Overall, I loved the shininess of these polishes and the fact that they dried extremely quickly. The brushes on the polishes are perfect so you don't have to continually dip it in the polish to get more or won't throw on a glob on your nail it gets just the right amount. All of the colors are great and look so good in direct sunlight! I can't wait to play around with these colors to match all my summer outfits!

Want to learn more about Entity Beauty or purchase any of these polishes? 
Visit them at:

Price: $8.50 

**Disclaimer- These products were provided to me for my 100% honest opinion**

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