Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sally Hansen HD Nail Color

Sally Hansen High Definition Polishes are patented with Real liquid Crystals ti give a Multi-dimensional Color and iridescent Shine. The collection consists of 16 diff polishes but I will only swatch 4 of those. Each polish is applied with 2 coats w/o a top coat to access the overall shininess of the polish itself.

The four I will be reviewing today are: Wavelength, Spectrum, Cyber, Resolution

Wavelength is a bubble gum pink that has a slight pink shimmer to it. Out of all 4 polishes, this color was the very sheer and def could have used an extra coat in it. But it is a pretty color.

Spectrum is a gorgeous raspberry blue with lots of blue chunky glitter in it. You can see here on my sunlight swatch how shimmery it really it. This one is def my favorite of the four.

Cyber is a grape color with a slight purple shimmer to it. It is very pigmented and looks really nice in direct sunlight.

Lastly, Resolution is a ninja turtle looking color that contains a green shimmer to it.

Overall, the HD collection by Sally Hansen dries quickly, has a great shimmer and look great in the sun! I wish I would have also gotten the more shimmery colors like Spectrum as I loved that polish best. All the colors were extremely pigmented and were applied easily thanks to the good brush appliator. Best of all, Sally Hansen polishes are cheap and can be found at any department store. Also if you go to their is a $1 off coupon on their and I hear some of these are on clearance at CVS which means you can get it for dirt cheap!

Do you have any HD colors not listed here? I would love to know what other colors I should get.

Prices: $5.00
Where to find: Any CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart or other department stores
**Disclaimer- These products were provided to me for my 100% honest opinion**


  1. I looove the HD line. My sister has some and they look awesome! I don't know if you have a 5 below anywhere near you but they sell the polishes there 3 for 5. Also, try swatching them over black. They are even EXTRA amazing. *_* I think I need to get my hands on Resolution. I have a love affair with greens. :X

  2. There is no 5 below here too bad! But I got some on clearance the other day at CVS for $1.75 and I had a $1 off coupon so it was only $0.75. I will def swatch them over black though! Thanks for the idea!

  3. I love this collection! The purple one didnt "talk" to me at the store when I saw it but after seeing your swatch of its a must have... :):):)



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