Monday, January 21, 2013

Stila In the Moment Palette

Finally I saved up enough BB points to get a full size palette free!

The palette I chose was the Stila in the moment.  

This palette comes with a variation of purples and natural colors.

The top three shadows are: Instinct, impulse and glance.
The bottome shadows are: desire, wonder and spontaneous.
Swatches go up and down:
Instinct is a shimmery white shadow that can be used for highlighting under the eyebrows
Desire is a peachy/nude color that would be perfect for the entire lid, or underneath the eyebrow
Impulse is a light purple color that could be used as a
base color for the lid
Wonder is a peachy/pink shimmery color. It is gorgeous lid color.
Glance is a shimmery plum color! You can use it for the crease or the lid
Spontaneous is a light brown shimmery color for the lid or crease.

The darker colors in the palette are improvise, catalyst, whim and captivate

All these colors will go perfect for a smokey look!

Improvise is a shimmery deep plum color
Whim is a smoked orange/brown color
Catalyst is a black shimmery color
Captivate is a maroon/brown color with a hint of shimmer

Overall, when used with a primer, these shadows will last for a long time! The pigmentation on each color is amazing! I only swiped my finger once for each swatch. I love the fact that the palette includes both dark and natural colors to combine to get some good looks!

Do you have a favorite Stila Palette?

Want to check out this pallette or what other one's Stila has to offer? Check out their site

**Disclaimer-I purchased this product**


  1. I want this so bad. The top row is beautiful :). X

    1. Natalie it really is a beautiful palette. Got my sister one too and she loves it! Thanks for the comment!



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