Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sneak Peeq Mystery Box

I have been hearing about Sneak Peeq for a while now. People say they get extremely good deals on beauty products so I decided to join and check it out. I joined around December and that's when I saw the Very Merry Mystery Box. I love suprises so I thought why not give it a try. There were 3 themes and I picked the Holiday Glam girl box which was supposed to have beauty, makeup and girly stuff in it plus it said items in there might be from Lord & Berry, Benefit Cosmetics or Mineralogie. That was all I needed to convince me to get it.

When the box arrived I was so excited bc it was big and I couldn't wait to see what I got inside.


Here is what I got in my box.

The first thing I got was the Lash Card ($6.99) that contained little papers that you use as shields your eyelid to prevent smearing and clumping of your mascara. I kind of chuckled when I saw this bc well it was kind of lame. I hate to say it but I probably won't ever use it. After 10+ years of applying makeup I think I have my mascara technique down. Maybe it would be nice to beginners?

The next thing in my box Uno Magnetic Jewelry ($19.99) which was another thing I laughed when I saw. Now I prefer real jewlry instead of magnetic one's and to me it looked like beads you would get for Mardi Gras. But my nephew had fun with it and even lost the magnetic piece. So I won't be using this either.

I was losing hope until I saw the third product in my box which is La Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes. I don't think I ever tried this eco-friendly brand but I could def use makeup remover since I had forgotten my wipes back at home. They smell nice and aren't rough around your skin. On La Fresh's website I seen that a 54 pack of wipes is $19.99 so I am assuming this would be $9.99.

Above the wipes I also got an eyeliner that I totally forgot at home and didn't remember who the company was. It wasn't great anyways and didn't have great black pigment like I usually go for in my liners.

The final product in my mystery box was a Glam Mat (19.95) a little silicone thing you can place your curling iron on. I don't think I have ever burned anything before with my curler except my neck lol so I prob won't be using it. It's nice if you need it but I also don't curl my hair enough.

Overall, I completely disliked this mystery box. I didn't think it was worth 29.00 for me bc I can't honestly say I would use anything besides the makeup remover wipes. As a college student it kills me that I wasted $30 practically and yeah probably won't ever get a mystery box again. Too bad! But I def will try buying things they sale.

Want to see what is offered on Sneakpeeq check out their website

*Disclaimer-This product was purchased my myself*


  1. This box really kind of sucked. I got those eye make-up shields? in a box before and have never even opened them. The wipes sound nice though:)

    Sara xx

  2. That's too bad--I would have been very disappointed, too!

  3. I almost bought the same box... Now I'm glad I didn't. Too bad. It was a good idea.

  4. Boo, that stinks that your box was kind of a dud! :(

  5. That's not worth the price!!!
    Disappointment!!! You could get lots of beauty products with $30

  6. Thanks guys..wish I would have used the $30 I spent for the CVS Beauty clearance instead..oh well.



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