Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beauty Product Showdown- Urban Decay Primer-Original vs.Greed

I love Urban Decay primer. I won't wear any eyeshadow without it but when I saw a couple diff types of colors I thought it would be great to do a comparison to see whats the big difference between them-color? longevity? what it gives to look?

What a great day to start the beauty product showdown then a match between Urban Decay Greed vs. the Original Primer potion.

Here is a screen shot of the two bottles so you know exactly which one's I am talking about.

I grabbed a custom palette I created with some old Mac/Coastal Scent colors. Sorry I don't know there names anymore. I wanted to do a variety of different colors to see what each primer gave to overall look with diff color shadows.

First thing I did was a swatch of the primer itself. To the left is the Original primer that turns nude upon drying. To the right is Greed which you can see right away gives a frosty/shimmery/gold look.

All swatches will be left (original primer) and right (Greed primer)

The first color I tried with each primer is a smokey black color that normally has a hint of silver glitter to it. As you can see on the left you can see what the shadow looks like with a nude primer. When used with Greed you can see it adds a gold shimmery look to the shadow but at the same time the black isn't as pigmented as it originally is. I know this is a Mac shadow.

Next I took a shimmery grey color. when used with the original primer you see the matte color however, when used with Greed you see this really nice Grey/gold color. Looks pretty good! This was a mac shadow.

Next I grabbed a matte purple color that is brought out more with the Greed primer. Love the gold shimmery it adds! This shadow is one from Coastal Scents.

A bright pink color looks great with the original primer and I didn't see too much of a difference in the Greed primer except the hint of shimmer. This shadow is a Coastal scents one.

Def had to see what a brown looked like since both of these primers are a type of brown color. This is def a Mac shadow and I believe its called Amber lights. With the original primer we see a metallic brown color but when Greed is used you see it more of a gorgeous golden brown. It looked really well. (not in the palette pictured)

Finally I took a green metallic color from Mac. With the original primer you can see how metallic it looks and when used with Greed you can see a hint of gold to it but not too much of a difference.

Overall, I think Greed is a perfect primer for eyeshadows you want to add a golden shimmery too like golden brown, matte purple or grey as it brought out the colors more. I would suggest testing out the shadow with your primer to see if that's the look your going for. I thought there wasn't going to be too much of a difference between the two but there def is! As far as longevity the two are the same. The difference is what it adds to your shadow. If you want to keep your shadow true to the color use the original primer but if you want to add a gold shimmer to it use Greed! 

In the end, I am going to have to vote this as a TIE as it depends on the color you use!

Want to purchase either of these primers? Visit Urban Decay

**These products were purchased by me**

Which primer wins in your book?



  1. Wow. You could really see a difference with some of those colors! It would be great to have both primers to sue on days when you're doing matte shadows or shimmery—one for both!

    More Mascara, Please

  2. Cassie,
    I thought I would stick with the original too but when I saw how greed added to some of the shadows my jaw dropped! Thanks fo rthe comment!



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