Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Nail Set

So before I started blogging I wanted the Naked palettes so bad and I just couldn't afford them. Finally got them and my life was complete until I seen the Naked Nail Polish Set. I mean come on if you have all the Naked palettes you can't leave out the nail set can you??  Thankfully I got a sephora GC for X-mas so you know what I def had to get my little hands on right??

Isn't it sooooooo cute? Inspired by six of this seasons most popular shades Urban Decay created the Naked Nail Polish set!!! Polishes range from glitters, metallics, creams and shimmers these palette is sure to please anyone who loves neutral colors!

Bottle shots of all the colors in this palette starting with Naked, Sidecar, Toasted, Smog, Hustle and Creep

Just wanted to show you the brush on each polish. I love small ones like this because they grab less polish and I find it easier to apply while making less of a mess!

Now onto the swatches
The first three I will show are Naked, Sidecar and Toasted

Naked of course is a natural beige cream polish. This swatch was created with two coats followed by a top coat. I thought it wouldn't go with my skintone but it actually doesn't look bad.

Sidecar is a beautiful neutral color with shimmer in it. I swatched it by itself but it will look really good over a bunch of colors you want to add a little sparkle too.

Toasted is a light brown with an iradescent shimmer to it. This was my least favorite polish. Something about it just didn't do it for me. Probably would look better with a lighter skin tone.

The next three polishes are Smog, Hustle, and Creep
Smog is a rich chocolate brown color. I really wanted to not like it bc its brown and I am not a fan of brown but something about it makes me like it. Hum...

My favorite of the set was Hustle. I can't decide if it looks dark plum of dark chocolate but I am gearing towards the plum more. I just love it! It is just so pretty!

The last polish in the set is Creep. Probably should have added another coat since I didn't get full coverage at the edges but it is a black color with silver shimmer in it.

The only bad thing I will say is bc of the small size I used a lot for only two coats on my swatch of four fingernails. Can you imagine doing the whole nail?

Overall, I love the idea of doing a polish set inspired by two popular palettes. I love the variety of neutral colors and honestly I disliked only one polish in particular. This palette would make the perfect gift for the UD lover and is very reasonable for price ($26). Like I said I only wish it the bottles were a little bigger so I wouldn't use 1/4 of the polish for one mani.

Want to check out or buy the Urban Decay Naked Nail Set? You can do so at Sephora's website Here

**disclaimer-this product was purchased by me **



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