Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beauty Product Showdown- Gel Eye Liner

Today's Beauty Product showdown is looking at two different gel eye liners.

I wanted to compare a drug store brand ($6.94) vs. a designer brand ($20) to see which gel liner was better in my eyes. So let the battle begin!


Our challenger is Maybelline Eye Studio which is smudge proof and waterproof. It has an oil-free formula and gives a high concentrated pigment that can be applied using an angled brush.

Our defending champion or at least what I heard about is Stila Smudge pot. It can be used as eyeliner or to achieve the smokey look. When used with an angled brush, the gel which is soft and pliable will come off with perfection to achieve your desired look.

In a smaller container, the Maybelline Eye Studio for me felt more softer and pliable when I got my angled brush and just swiped it along the top.

When I used the Stila Smoked pot which was bigger, I found the liner wasn't quite as smooth as the Maybelline one.

I swiped the brush 3 times with each liner and drew an S for Stila and M for Maybelline. Comparing the two you see the Stila liner didn't come off as uniform nor pigmented as the Maybelline. I found myself having to keep applying a few layers to get my desired look with the Stila one than I did with Maybelline which was darker and evener when drawing my letter M.

I also did one swipe across each liner. Again, you can see the difference in how each liner gives in pigmentation.

With regards to longevity, both liners lasted all day. Neither really came off until I removed them with a makeup remover.
So based on my careful review of each gel eye liner the winner hands down is......


Maybelline Eye Studio
Even though it came in a smaller container, I felt it was easier to apply, the pigmentation was much more darker and its more affordable. Even though the bottle is alot smaller when you look at the prices if you were to buy 3 of the Maybelline liners it would be equivalent to the size of the Stila Smudge pot.

Drug Store brands =1
Designer Brands = 0

Want to check out either liner featured in today's review. Check out Maybelline's Eye Studio liner
Here or Stila's Smudge Pot Here

What types of products would you like to see in a future Beauty Product Showdown post? Please leave a comment below

**Disclaimer-all products were purchased by me and this review is based solely on my opinions of each products**


  1. Maybelline Eyestudio was a fave for years but I recently fell in love with the L'oreal Infallible gel Liner:)

    Sara x

  2. Agree with you... I have been using maybelline like 2 years and still love it..Just perfect for anytime



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