Monday, January 28, 2013

Dermelect Nail Polishes

Check out the Dermelect polishes I got from the 70% off Sale. I have never tried Dermelect polishes before but I really liked the shape and look of the bottles!

The colors I got was Powertrip, Luxurious and Provactive
Power trip is a cherry red color. I applied two coats to achieve this look and applied a single layer of top coat.

Luxurious is a pastel light purple color.

Provactive is a bright pink color. Def my favorite of the three. But then again pink is my favorite color so no surprise that I like it so much.

Overall, these polishes dried quickly, gave a nice shine to the final appearance and only coat of top coat was needed, two coats of the polish itself were perfect enough to get a great look and the polish appied uniformly. The only negative drawback to me is the price which to me is a tad bit too much for a college student like me. The only reason I got it was bc it was 60% off at the time I bought it. Maybe if they did some sort of special I would get more.

Want to purchase these colors or see what other colors are in their collection? Check out Dermelect's site Here

Price: $14.00

**disclaimer-these products were purchased by me **


  1. I have never heard of this brand before but I do like the look of them. The lavender shade is beautiful:)

    Sara x

  2. I've heard great things about Dermelect...the coverage and how good they are for your nails! I love the purple! :)

  3. The polishes are really pretty and the coverage is great! Thanks for the comments!



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