Friday, June 7, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection-Shimmer Palette

I had some Register Rewards to waste the other day and I wanted to a nice baked blush and was torn between a Milani one and a Wet n wild one. I have been meaning to try a Fergie Centerstage collection product so I ended up getting the shimmer palette from Wet n Wild

First thing I noticed was the how big the palette is. Def get more for your money in this palette as compared to a milani baked blush hands down

There were a few colors but I chose to go with Rose Golden Goddess as I thought it would complement my skin tone the best.

I have seen a lot of swatches and photos of the Rose Golden Goddess before and they all looked more pinkish but I can assure you this is far from pink. It definitely has more of a orange-brown color on it with hints of a lighter shimmer to it. I was scared at first if it was going to be a dramatic shimmer but it had so much of the darker pigment I figured it wouldn't be too bad

On my skin tone it def seemed more golden brown than orange (seen a more orange tone on lighter skin reviews). When applied to my face which is darker than my inner arm where I tend to swatch it looked amazing. Like I feel this color was meant for a tan skin tone. It really just brought out my brown color and the shimmer was light and not overwhelming at all. I personally think it looked nice on the lighter skin tone swatches I seen but it does look amazing on tan people. But it stayed on for like 4 hours for me and by the end of the day it was long gone without a trace. But I tend to see that happen with most blushes I use. I rarely ever get a blush with amazing longevity. 

Overall for the price of this product compared to the smaller size baked blushes I've seen it is def worth it bc the size of the palette is amazing! Loved the way it made my skin tone pop. Shimmer was not overwhelming. Only thing is it didn't last all day but you can easily re-apply mid-day. So I probably will try more Wet n Wild products in the future.

Price ~$4.99
Where to find-any drug store-CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc.

**disclaimer-this product was purchased by me**


  1. I don't know how money is for you, but if your skin tends to "eat" blush, tooth should check out some of Mally's products on QVC. Just a thought! I def can see how that blush color would look really pretty on tan skin!



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