Monday, May 7, 2012

Organizing You Makeup Brushes

I haven't done an organization tutorial in a while. I love organizing my stuff bc it makes them easier to find and it just looks movely. Today I am going to show you how to organize your makeup brushes into little glass vases. This is the perfect way to separate your brushes into what their used for ie. all over brushes, angled brushes, face brushes, and lip brushes. That way the next time you want to find that blush brush you just have to look in your face brush vase and their it is!

All you need to do is go get a vase. I got this one at the dollar store. I bought 5 to separate all the diff types of brushes I have. Then I went to Michael's and got these beads. The one's you normally put in glass vases. Two bags were enough to fill all my vases and I bought them at two diff times so I could use the normal 40% coupon Michael's normally have.

Then I just stuck all my brushes in based on their use. Here is my all over eyeshadow brushes. They look nice and are so much easier to find on my desk.

Price: vase ($1) and beads ($2 w/coupon)
Where to buy: any crafts store

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