Monday, May 7, 2012

Zoya Blogger Trio Collection

Back before I started this blog I only got CG and OPI and am so happy that I got introduced to all these amazing other brands. Here is the Zoya Blogger Trio collection. A bunch of bloggers came up with colors that followers got to pick and the best 3 were chosen for the Blogger Collection.

The colors included were Coraline, Kate and Belle. Because these are jellies I put 3 coats for each swatch and did not put a top coat.

Coraline is a bright orange jelly color. As I have never owned a jellies polish I wasn't feeling it when I put the 1st coat but as I added two more coats it started looking better and I even liked the way it looked and you couldn't see through my nail. Coraline is def my fav of the bunch.

Kate is a light grapefruit jelly. Don't know my camera is making it look like a strawberry color but I can assure you it is very lighter than the picture presents it but it is still a very pretty color.

The final color in this collection is Belle. A shimmery pink this color is a cute just not my favorite. I think the jellies look better without glitter in them. 

Overall, I am sooooo thrilled with my first jellies and want to go get some more. What are your fav jellies? I don't know what brands are good ones? Help! =)

Price $22
Where to buy: 

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