Monday, May 14, 2012

Skintactix Skin Care

The hunt for skincare is still on. This week I want to talk about Skintactix a company that specializes in skincare and acne treatment in general. All of these products I got are for oily skin.

I tried the following products: Glycolic Cleanser, Glycolic Exfoliator and Green Tea Poultice.
  • Glycolic cleanser- contains antibacterial that help clean dirt/debris from pores. The first thing I noticed was the smell of the product. It had a citrus/lime smell. Very refreshing! 
  • Glycolic Exfoliator- Used after the cleanser, this powerful exfoliator cleans deep in pores to ensure the removal of excess dirt. I love the way exfoliator feel as your scrub them across your face.
  • Green Tea Poultice- Apply this antibacterial product over acne to help pull out and remove infection. It feels a little thick but once you put a moisturizer over it your good. 
Overall thought: so many products have the sugary sweet smell that I really appreciated the refreshing citrus/lime smell of this product. I really liked the poultice as I have never used a product like it and will def continue to use it for my acne prone areas. These are amazing products that will get the job done and give you nice and clear skin.

Also, they have other types of cleansers depending on what your looking for. For more info visit any of their pages!

**These products were provided to me by Skintactix for my honest opinion**

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